They now monitor your account & block any purchase of guns or ammo

seems this happened in Georgia??? but is this the future for us all???


When everyone goes and pulls their deposits, the credit union will file for protection under the NCUA, and we, the American taxpayers, will bail them out.

Phuckin great.


I’d be looking for a new bank.

But, these restrictions are pretty common for many credit card companies. It is important to recognize that the restrictions start with a system that is able to classify what is being purchased. For example, why is it necessary for credit card companies to identify the type of goods (firearms or ammo) being purchased rather than simply note a transaction?


That may be an option now but likely not for long. The push to have a government issued digital currency is well underway. Suspect the next economic crises will be used as an excuse to get rid of physical cash altogether. Then the government will have full knowledge of all our spending habits as well as the ability to control where, when and how we spend their digital credits.


@OldDude49 That seems to be what’s in store for the Country’s future, sadly to say, that’s the plan for the future, (another scheme of gun control).


When do we reverse this BS? Or do we just lay down and take it as the new normal, like we have with crime, invasions and inflation!
Still don’t know what the 2A is for! Can someone please explain? Because if this ain’t tyranny, I don’t know what is!


More likely, a means to track purchases for taxation purposes. In my state, Colorado, income tax forms require a declaration of items you purchased out of state to which personal property/use taxes apply. Most people declare $0, but the state cannot monitor things like Amazon purchases or other on-line purchases made with credit cards. Yet.


I could tell you when but I don’t think you will like it. When we ban together and learn how to communicate with people rationally and emotionally depending on what appeals to them.