Credit Cards are Now Coded

Watch “BREAKING! Banks now have “Special Codes” for YOUR Gun and Ammo Purchases…” on YouTube

Pay cash only on any gun and ammo purchase !


I dare Capitol One to ask them “what’s in their wallet?”

Solution, stop paying! After credit cards they will find a way to track cash.
Wait, wait, I got it, crypto currency!
We can’t fight this and we can’t win, game over!


Criminals are so totally known for paying for illegal guns with easily trackable crefit cards, right?

Sounds like my bulk ammo purchasing days are over. Which is probably the point.

Of course, they already know we pay for USCCA or NRA or GOA memberships, and all those people can safely be assumed to own guns. Any large withdrawls from us will be assumed to be for guns, and any smaller withdrawls will be assumed to be ammo. With fairly simple analytics, they’ll know roughly how many guns/how much ammo we buy anyway.


I only sent this article to give a request to help
People and we have the right to know these things
that the government is trying to destroy any
ability to purchase firearms and ammunitions. Please keep your eye and ears open for more news.

If some buys firearms and ammunitions that are Questionable, that Coding on that credit card will have a code to track and keep a record of those purchases.

Visa, Master Card, Capital one, our Debit Cards !!!


I am highly offended by this. I simply don’t see a way out of it.


you are on so many lists already does it really matter? Memberships in several pro 2a organizations. CCW, 4473, Form 4, form 1 and range membership. They know damn well I have guns.


You aren’t the person being questioned on your purchases. Criminals steal their equipment and there
have been some firearms that are bought, legally and
Illegally. Credit Card would be a death sentence to them.

They have built data bases to keep track on certain
Purchase and people. Questionable !

I am not new to USCCA or firearms, but I still would like
To Educate more and buy my equipment and that is
my own business not the government’s


That’s the big question on everyone’s mind. “What is Questionable/Suspicious”?

Because what WE find as normal, the gun grabbers find as questionable and suspicious if not downright terroristic . . .


Thank you. I am not all knowing, but governments
is trying to destroy everyone’s abilities to own any
firearm. Attempt to make it hard to buy firearms,
parts, ammunitions, to hold firearm companies reliable
for the wrongful death of anyone that is killed with
that company’s product.

I do not have all the facts or have the Legal Bill on the
coding our credit cards and that monitors the law abiding people’s firearms and ammunitions purchases.
I am sure that this is a unconditional law or worse.

I care and concerned and do not know all the answers
and I am a supporter of all our Rights and I do not want
People to hurt or die. This information I gave was given
to help to get people to research and seek a positive
answer to all this mess.

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The question is: how do we circumvent this? Is there a payment method, particularly in a long-distance, e-commerce context, which will not be directly tracked?

I save 25% or more on ammo by ordering online vs local pricing. Wire transfer? money orders? Are prepaid
Visa cards anonymous? Is there anything short of waiting years and years for a lawsuit and hoping we win?


We have to wait until this November 2022 election
and please contact all your representatives of your
state, contact you Governor, Senate, and we must,
The Republicans and all supporting people of our 2A
Rights must peacefully and legally fight the LEFT and
Biden. If HR 1808 passes, we could loose all rights and
any firearm listed in that Bill. HR 1808. Credit Card
Purchases will not matter.


I haven’t seen any notice of Discover card changing their code, and if anyone has seen this, please post. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for this invasion of privacy to stop even one murder. I smirked reading the linked article here about Eric Adams blaming the proliferation of guns for NYC’s crime epidemic, and from what my NY transplant neighbor tells me, you can’t legally even have a gun in NYC unless you pull some strings. I see this new coding as simply data the powers that be will look into after the fact.


Thank you for your information and that helps. It
is better to gather the facts, help other people to
know this problem, rather than just it be thrown at
all of us at once.

I do not need more firearms to built a arsenal and
the equipment I have is up to date to learn, train, and
Carry/Conceal. I troubleshoot a lot and love ballistics,
but it is slowing down.

The cost of ammunitions are beyond the mind’s
thinking here and ordering it on line maybe difficult.

Thank you.


Criminals are those who are being electronically tracked, fingerprinted, have to register themselves, have to give up their weapons, pay a special tax suddenly on what they have owned for a long time, etc.
I am sure people have other definitions.


Is every line item purchased on a credit card coded?

I.e. if I go to BassPro and purchase a fishing rod, a tent, and some ammo on my BassPro/Capitol One Mastercard, is each item individually coded?


Sounds like you are going on an unfortunate boating accident.


They won’t need to track cash as they are slowly working towards a cashless society.


Thank you for your thoughts and your opinions. It

Watch “UNACCEPTABLE: “Special Code” for FIREARM and AMMO for “blocking transactions in such a category”…” on YouTube

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Watch “Biden impeachment supported by 52 percent of voters: poll” on YouTube

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So, I purchase 500 to a 1,000 rounds of practice ammo at a reasonable price and I may get a visit from the FBI or local law enforcement?