They don't care

I see a number of posts here and on other 2A sites detailing the main stream media’s loose use of the truth. Well they (the main stream media) just don’t care what we think about it - we are the “Faithfull.” They hate us. They don’t care what we think and they laugh at us and all the 2A blogs. They are fully owned and paid for by big money and are hell bent on replacing our current freedoms with something else. Who knows what? There are simply too many “Free Stuff for Everyone” types of voters that are willing to bow down to the State for more free stuff.

There is no stopping them now - We are finished!


I agree with your assessment that the mainstream media do not care in regards to what the actual truth is around guns (or many other things for that matter but that’s another post).

However, don’t give up hope.

Let them drive their narrative, while we continue to spread the actual truth. A majority of Americans are pretty reasonable/rational (IMO) and as we communicate this information to them…as those hundreds of thousands of new gun owners start their gun ownership journeys and have their own experiences (and see that the media’s narrative doesn’t read true) they will see this “boogey man” in the closet was non existent.

It won’t be easy…it’ll require us to work and be good stewards (responsible gun owners, acting responsibly), good teachers (knowing our facts and how to deliver them without getting emotional and going beyond “what part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand” arguments) and good citizens (getting out and voting, expanding our circles beyond our range/gunshop friends to include people we may not have in the past in order to help get them to see the irrational claims the media is making).

So we’re not finished…in fact a long way from it if you and I and other like minded individuals on this board step up and speak up to our fellow citizens and help them see the facts over the paranoia that the media spreads about guns.

We just have work to do friend. Hang in there! brother!


The sky is falling? I hope not :slight_smile:

Remember, socialism works, until you run out of other people’s money. Then it fails. In the modern times, this cycle runs very quickly, which is somewhat good news.
Now, what should be done about MSM? Also an easy question - change the channel!

The folly of FB, Google, Twitter is not understanding that you cannot shutdown the internet, whatever truth they throttle, will pop up like mushrooms between reddit, parler, telegram, etc. etc. And these billionaire fools are supposedly in the internet business.


Excellent suggestion!!!

Or wait until late Spring and tune into MAGATV when former President Trump goes and buys one of the news channels to combat the MM… :rofl:

The problem with that though is it will just be an echo chamber with a politically polar opposite of the mainstream…

(doesn’t anybody do real journalism these days!!??)


I think they are able to find facts to support their opinions much like anyone is.
For me, it’s not about truth–I agree with PIlate in John 18: Quid est veritas (what is truth)?
The thing that concerns me is that I think we have lost the principle of E pluribus unum–from many, one–people no longer want to conform to ideals that the country was founded on. Unfortunate.
Blame the media, blame the universities–I blame my generation for letting it get this bad right under our noses.
As a 50 something, we didn’t fight back against the PC movement when we should have, and now, if you try, you get fired or labeled a racist or a hater.

Yes it does, but violently with astronomical suffering and chaos. No thanks. I can’t see any good coming from a more socialist model of government.

We need the republic more than ever if we are ever going to be able to stop the spread of leftist ideals.


@JamesR Appreciate the optimism, brother. Not to cast a shadow but do our votes count? We do need to be the candle on the hilltop. Bearers of truth. An anchor in the storm. Just wondering how stacked the deck truly is…


Fair enough @Jeff-A1…I think the deck is definitely stacked and with this whole mail in ballot scheme it seems the Dems may have gotten themselves a few aces up the sleeve as well (to continue the analogy).

Hopefully we’ll be able to hold on to the Senate and get more like minded Senators/Congressmen/women into DC.
Remember we picked up seats in the house, no one was expecting that, we just need to finish that job in the 2024 election.


@James403 I would gather that over half the legal population in the USA cares about our Constitution based Republic. MSM has been subverted by moneyed interests. Easy to recognize propaganda when everyone is reading off the exact same que card. Turn that dial as @JamesR recommends. I deleted Fox the night of the election. I’m wondering what the real shenanigans are behind the political curtain. Not grasping at straws. Will the truth come out about this election while it matters? Lose truth in the vote and you lose the country…


@Aaron25 that is as true a fact as ever stated. The “baby boomers” are to blame for not taking action. The peace and love bunch were taking action and the rest were sitting back watching it happen. The things we feared are now suddenly mainstream. The liberal left were beginning a strong surge in the Vietnam era and it never slowed IMO.


The “Free Stuff” crowd will never change the channel!

HA! None of the “Free Stuff” crowd will ever change the channel or care about the truth. They just want the promised free stuff and don’t care where it comes from or who it hurts or how much they have to give up to get more free stuff!

The Russians never gave up the free stuff – they just switched to another government that promised more free stuff.

@Douglas59 The communists got a foothold in the USA in the early '30’s. Boomers are partially to blame for turning a blind eye on our educational system (along with every generation since). IMHO it isn’t even about political or philosophical orientations, it’s about a raw grab for power over the most successful nation in history.


Absolutely correct, “they” don’t care. They are now in the business of telling you what to care about and who to blame for it.

If you want to try to do something about it, there is a place to start - local news outlets. Let them know when you don’t like the way they present a story,such as simply reading off the corporate owner script. Call them out over obvious errors/untruths. For example, when my local TV news ran an update on the Brionna Taylor story, they included a line about her being shot in her bed. This was long after it had been established that she was not in bed at the time of the shooting. I sent an email pointing out the error and supplied sources of correct, verified information. I also stated strongly my feelings about journalism and accuracy.

Maybe it did some good; maybe not. But enough of that sort of mail coming in would let them know that at least portion of their demographic won’t be satisfied with the company line, and doesn’t just swallow whatever swill they care to dish out.


It’s like everything that takes us downhill–it seems to pick up speed.


I guess, I’m thinking the “free stuff crowd” isn’t as large as some may think it may be.

Most people (again IMO and experience) don’t want a free ride, they want an opportunity to be successful.

I could be wrong…I hope I’m right.


Yes, a raw grab for power, now, not later, but now.

I feel very frustrated every time I see people willing to accept a stolen election, and move on, thinking they can get ground back later by making the next elections secure. That would be like just letting a home invader into your house, and instead of fighting to keep him out, you just accepted it, and consoled yourself with plans to make sure he couldn’t get in next time. Get in to what? What do you think will be left?

If you don’t say no now, while you still have the ability to make it count, and instead wait for the media to tell you there is irrefutable proof ( which would clearly be a conflict of interest for them ), then you are a fool waiting for the fox to show you why you should not let him guard the henhouse.

This, now, is our one and only chance, barring an act of God, not to be Venezuela 2.0

Fox, and others like them, have acted as Trojan Horses pretending to be conservative while under control and ownerships of the left. ( that is all on record, a new controlling owner, but Fox is not going to advertise it! )They are more dangerous than CNN, because people still trust their subverted conservative reputation.

This expectation would be like expecting the mafia to provide proof of it’s own criminality. ! ?

If we are waiting for the main line media to give evidence of a subverted election in which they would be obviously either negligent or complicit, it’s going to be one very long wait!

So many lives lost defending this country, are we to just give it away?


My personal hope is that this election mess gets exposed and fixed, and then, with the time we get, we get off our behinds and make our stand, loud and strong, while it can still be an act of standing up to a bully, instead of an all or nothing gambit.


Watch OAN or NewsMax. It’s free. You can download Pluto and both are free. CNN is free too. As well as others.

Thanks, I found some of that, but every bit helps.

Ever notice there’s never any free ammo or guns or dope ( I don’t need the dope, I have plenty of prescriptions). College, cars, government checks, all free, but you’ll never see a drug dealer giving away nickel bags, or your local gun dealers issuing self defense ammo. I tried to drive up to my local gun store with my trunk opened, no one loaded it up with free guns? Very puzzling?