They don't care

You have to first join Antifa.


I should be able to join up, grab all the free stuff and leave. Just like you steal an election in Georgia. So where do I sign up, is it 1-800 -HENCHMEN or WWW.CrushAnation ?
Found this retail store in my neighborhood, everything is individually wrapped “HOW CONVENIENT”
There’s also an ANTIFA gift shop! Who needs Amazon? I signed up for ANTIFA PRIME!

Looks just like my local gun show. Minus the dope.


Dillon Precision published an article in their Nov. issue of Blue Press. Alan Korwin an author of a few interesting books, at If you can find it it’s worth the read and fits right with this topic. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, “The United States will eventually fly the communist red flag…the American people will hoist it themselves.” I find that frighteningly true in light of our recent turmoil.


Dope dealers do give out freebies, to kids, to get them hooked.

Worth the time:

Ain’t heard no fat lady singin’ yet.
Just media pundits chirpin’ so far
How 'bout you?

Just say it quiet when you answer, you dont wanna get canceled…


Definitely an interesting process this election.

Intresting like a hemroid…

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Erasing or resetting a voting machine - is it done like a mail server in someone’s basement, or more like a Bob Mueller’s phone?