The Warning about a Coronavirus Pandemic

Needless to say we have thought of all the options. The office staff was all furloughed except the bookkeeper, but she is now at 20 hours. The rest were grounds crew or directly involved with customers. The only people we can have come back is 1, the grounds crew manager. But, we have a SIP here so he can’t. I told him as soon as the cash comes in he can go back to 40hrs, he’s begging to get back to work. He and I don’t care if there’s SIP, he won’t see a single soul while at work. We’re practical.

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She is at it again.


I couldn’t help but to look back on this post. I started it on 1/25/20! I can’t believe it has been that long ago. I new something bad was on the horizon 2 months prior the SHTF.

I find it hard to believe how much we have changed. It’s almost like a book you’d read.

The Social Engineering with masks, the politicizing, governors, mayors and county commissioners exercising their lust for power and oppression.

The division of the country, friends and even family over what’s reported and what’s actually true.

No toilet paper, no ammo, no cruise ships, maybe no school, no movies, no church , no fun.

There is an agenda to make people miserable until November 3rd.

2020, "The lost year"


Over one year passed when we started discussing Covid-19.
A lot of changes in opinion, a lot of changes in our minds and hopefully better understanding.

Anyway… over 500,000 deaths in United Stated2.5M deaths Worldwide in 1 year :anguished:
These numbers are crazy and scary.

A 2021-03-01 09-07-33

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Roger that.
But, just over a year.
If you look at the OP , it was in the middle of January.
I knew when they shut-down the city of Wuhan, 11 million people, that this was going to be a big thing.

Sadly I was right.
But, it could have been far far worse.

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Not downplaying, but putting Covid into perspective, the Spanish flu (1918 H1N1) infected approximately 500,000,000 people (1/3 of the world population) and approximately 50,000,000 people died, with 675,000, in the United States. The highest mortality rates were in people less than 5, 20-40 and over 65. The biggest surprise was the lethality amongst healthy people in the 20-40 range.

I believe there are still big questions as to how many people died with Covid vs. how many died because of Covid.


It might be important to keep in mind that the average life expectancy (US) in the first decade of the 1900’s (before the 1917 flu) was around 50 years of age, and 40 years of age back in 1880. “Healthy people” in the 20-40 range in 1917 might not be considered healthy people today.


Some lesser known stats from the CDC. Covid vaccine deaths reported through March 5.


I never wore a mask, from day 1. Even when our state dictator, invoked his stupid mandate. The science has always shown that the CCP virus was not airborne, not like the measles which is airborne.

They have big bulletin boards up here along the freeways saying “mask up Texas…”

The main “Point of Transmission” as with the common cold, and annual flu is still hand to face contact. I NEVER see signs to simply wash your hands. The hand sanitizer things at the gas pumps are gone, bins and bins of hand sanitizer at Home Depot and the grocery store have been replaced with face masks. Our fearless leader and even Fauci NEVER say wash you hands.

A lady scolded me the other day for not wearing a face mask, yet when she left the business we were in she used her hand to grasp the door handle, not using the button with a knee or whatnot to open the door automatically.

In restaurants, everyone is now touching the same menu, everyone grasping the back of their chair to pull it out, and then grasping the UNDER SIDE of the chair to scoot in. Servers spraying off the table with disinfectant, where no one touches the table anyway, NEVER spraying the grasp points. Using the community pen to sign your credit card bill. Pushing the buttons on the credit card machine, the gas pump handle, the pre packaged deli meat and cheese, people touch every pack flipping through them to look at all of them.

Mind boggling.

Look around, watch people, look for your own, “Points of Transmission”.

I don’t wear a mask because I think it’s effective. I wear a mask to avoid arguments with those who feel they are effective.


Ok. More than a year later, this is the point where I will reply to your thread. I’m replying to a comment from early/mid Feb of last year. This is when I, my wife, and our toddler daughter all contracted Covid-19. Today, this is medically confirmed, but there was no way to get laboratory confirmation at the time. Nobody we had access to had tests. We use the VA for healthcare.

County health dept. refused to test us due to risk of contamination. In other words, they were pretty sure we had Covid-19 and didn’t want to catch it. They told us to go to the ER at the VA hospital 30 miles away. The VA clinic .6 miles from our house said the same thing: drive to the ER at James A Haley VAMC. Everyone was told “don’t just show up…call county health and/or VA first!” And when I did that, we were told to drive in heavy traffic for 1 hour to an ER with makeshift Covid screening. Our daughter was already recovering. She got sick several days before we did. I should mention, I was recovering from a mild heart attack and a stent implant at the time and had not even seen the cardiologist post-op yet. The CDC had already put me at “high risk” of complications. My wife, also a disabled combat vet, had radiation poisoning and no thyroid…so 2 of those “high risk” issues. We were 53 years old. So not old enough for anyone to give a rip about, apparently.

We discussed it between bouts of stuff gushing out of both ends at the same time and having to clean and disinfect behind ourselves (not each other…trying to avoid re-infections to reduce viral load), we discussed our options. Knowing we are hard to kill, we decided the drive would be more dangerous than staying home and “riding it out.” So that’s what we did.

They closed all VA outpatient services and sent our docs and nurses to try and save civilians in late Feb. We were truly on our own.

We remained “sick” throughout March. We got strong enough to resume normal activities in April, but everything was locked down. Our daughter got over it like a simple flu…within a few days using Benadryl and Tylenol + Pedialyte per her pediatrician’s instructions. We quarantined for an additional 14 days after we thought we had “recovered.” We both had persistent, sporadic coughs that were concerning and my wife lost her senses of smell and taste. I had considerable shortness of breath, but not to an emergency level; plus some intermittent chest and upper back pain that could be residual of the heart stuff or a Covid-19 symptom. The telemed nurses and docs would not venture a guess. They just told us “hang in there!”

I resumed my cardio-rehab exercise program in April. This included daily walks of 2-3 mi. I took our daughter on these walks so we would both get fresh air and sunshine. She had taken her first steps the day before Christmas. So I was pushing her around in a stroller until Memorial Day. That’s when the race riots began.

Right after that, our Governor had seen enough and come to his senses. He began peeling back the restrictions. Throughout the Summer, more and more of FL returned to something resembling normal operations. In the Fall, there was a brief hesitation when case counts spiked. But hospitalizations and deaths didn’t rise to alarming levels. So life went on.

We had residual symptoms of difficult breathing, sporadic coughs, brain fog, and sometimes fatigue until sometime in September.

The VA clinic a half mile away is just now reopening. The Social Security Office is closed. Right next door is the state courthouse for this circuit. It is now reopen, but only since the first of the year. Many civil hearings are still being done via Zoom. They reopened the parks and beaches by last Summer. There are still mask mandates in the far-Left cities. Many businesses still require masks. The VA is trying to talk highly vaccinated veterans into taking Covid-19 vaccinations…with only marginal success.

Nobody trusts our institutions anymore. Our leadership class has squandered and abused the public trust to the point hat the most loyal “team players” in the working class population will no longer go along without questioning. The elections and following military occupation of the nation’s capital just topped all that off.

My family is fine. I know a few more people and a few relatives who have also had Covid-19. Nobody was hospitalized. Nobody died. For us, it was like the worst case of flu we have ever had and then a recovery similar to pneumonia (which I have had a couple of times).

We have come to the conclusion this was a crisis the Neo-Marxists chose not to allow to go to waste. They used it to destroy our constitutional republic. We survived the Kung Flu. But we believe that was simply the opening battle in a global civil war perpetrated by the uber-wealthy acting in league with Communist China and Marxist agents within the Democratic Party. We have been amazed and heartbroken by the submissiveness and gullibility of the American People (by and large). Since they are clearly no longer willing to peacefully defend their liberty, we have disengaged from politics entirely. My circle of trust and concern has gotten a LOT smaller for the second time in my life.


And skewed. 500,000 deaths due to covid?