The hard facts on Covid-19

This first link is to some world wide statistics about Covid-19 deaths. It really brings
things into a better perspective.

The next link is from a friend who forwarded a video made by a doctor relative in New York. It explains a lot about how to protect ourselves from the virus or Covid-19.


Heres one about Dr Fauci predicting 2 years ago that Trump would deal with a pandemic. I find this concerning.



Ebola and SARS had caused a lot of concern over the years. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine uncontrollable spread of some bug.
Read this article, it explains what was more or less inevitable, in hindsight.

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Before CV19 there were Zika and DV64 (polio-like paralysis), and multiple-drug resistant TB. All of these are endemic south of our border. Remember how young Vito Corleone in the movie was sitting in quarantine on Ellis Island? Back then officials knew the danger of epidemics.

We get some of our dietary supplements from this site. He often has interesting links to information. Here’s one on COVID-19 technocrats and one on additional restrictions on lower cost known substances that could help our health that they want to take away from us

Who are te-chno-crats, Gates and Zuckerberg? They both stole (allegedly) the initial ideas for their business, their methods are arm twisting and deceptive advertizing. I know a different word for both of them LOL.