The hard facts on Covid-19

This first link is to some world wide statistics about Covid-19 deaths. It really brings
things into a better perspective.

The next link is from a friend who forwarded a video made by a doctor relative in New York. It explains a lot about how to protect ourselves from the virus or Covid-19.


Heres one about Dr Fauci predicting 2 years ago that Trump would deal with a pandemic. I find this concerning.



Ebola and SARS had caused a lot of concern over the years. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine uncontrollable spread of some bug.
Read this article, it explains what was more or less inevitable, in hindsight.

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Before CV19 there were Zika and DV64 (polio-like paralysis), and multiple-drug resistant TB. All of these are endemic south of our border. Remember how young Vito Corleone in the movie was sitting in quarantine on Ellis Island? Back then officials knew the danger of epidemics.

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We get some of our dietary supplements from this site. He often has interesting links to information. Here’s one on COVID-19 technocrats and one on additional restrictions on lower cost known substances that could help our health that they want to take away from us

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Who are te-chno-crats, Gates and Zuckerberg? They both stole (allegedly) the initial ideas for their business, their methods are arm twisting and deceptive advertizing. I know a different word for both of them LOL.


I apologize for reviving a dead thread, but a year out we know a lot more than we did, and yet there’s still much we do not know.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the death rate in the U.S. Take this for what it is- just a number that doesn’t tell the whole story. Also take into account that data from 2020 is still being processed and this could change; the CDC hasn’t published their 2020 report, for example. But take a look.

U.S. Death Rate 1950-2021 | MacroTrends

This seems to fit reports late in 2020 that the U.S. reached 3 million deaths for the first time in history. In 2019, we had 2.85 million deaths, and in 2020 we had slightly more. Maybe not the 200,000 number that some are throwing around, but it’s probably in that neighborhood.

And yet that number also fits a slowly rising death rate over the past several years. In other words, we could have predicted this mortality rate in 2020, even without the pandemic.


People will make of these statistics what they will. I’m sure it depends on their levels of anxiety, their education, and their politics, as well as other factors.

My takeaway? The world keeps on spinning, despite our best efforts to control it. We may not have the ability to influence some things, so all we can do is prepare and adapt. The USCCA may not be an authority on pandemics, but we certainly have the survival mindset.

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The SARS CoV-2 is a flu type virus. The ChiComs fooled with it in the Wuhan Virology Lab and introduced some other virulent DNA forms into the virus. They released it and had huge death rates in Wuhan because they had started full out 5G cellular there some months before. It is a scientific fact that 5G wave lengths negatively affect the human body and immune function. Then they basically lied to the world about the virus and the rates of death we should expect.
The far left in this country swallowed the lie and used this viral attack as a reason to shut down the country. Some states, particularly those with Democrat controlled governments, went way overboard with their mandates and lockdown orders. Some states recognized the un-Constitutional mandates and orders as such and did not follow the fear mongering and madness of the far left. All of that is political treatment of the situation.
As a retired nurse I read up about the Corona virus and how it is the flu virus. I also read up about wearing of masks and realized that they were not going to accomplish their touted purpose since a cloth or paper mask has pores that are 0.4 microns and the virus in 0.04 microns in size. The best defense against any infectious microbe is a strong immune system. Do not wear a mask unless you absolutely must and then no longer than you absolutely need to wear it. Reason? You rebreathe your own CO2 which elevates your blood levels of carbon dioxide and can make you very ill. It also attacks the nervous system early on and negatively affects all you organs and your immune system.
I am 77 years old. I take a lot of supplements to keep my immune system strong. If I feel that I am coming down with some bug, I increase my intake of those supplements. I have not had a cold or the flu since I was in my 50’s. I worked for 25 years in hospitals and wore masks and even gowns, booties, gloves and hats in addition to the masks. I never wore them everywhere I went in the hospital and most assuredly never out of the hospital. I worked around a lot of patients with MRSA infections and never contracted that bacteria. A little common sense avoidance and a strong immune system will do more than all the mandates the Dems have thrown about.
Finally, remember one thing about viruses that I learned in nursing school many years ago. Viruses (and bacteria) do not have wings to fly, float or soar about in the atmosphere and they do not have legs to run and jump onto you.

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