The War Begins in New States; new permitless carry law

No, it is stating the obvious about the general population.

I believe that most, if not all, here do the same.

Not only at the range, and certainly not only firearm owners. How often have you talked to a driver on the street due to their dangerous behavior or called the police on an idiot driver? I likely would become quite concerned about the person I saw putting on body armor at the range.

No, laws that infringe on our rights are designed to harm law-abiding citizens.

Meet the requirements of the 1938 FFA, today or tomorrow? The “prohibited” persons list has gotten far longer since the 1938 FFA ban on felons obtaining and possessing firearms. Recall when they, more than once, wanted to include those on the “no fly” list? Those people have not even been accused of any crimes, much less been convicted of a felony.

Currently 24/25 states proving the answer to be “Yes”. One has always been that way and has always had the lowest crime rates in the nation. Like driver’s licenses, we can see that does not make one a good driver or even knowledgeable about driving laws. Ask your friends some questions about driving. You might become more afraid to be on the road than at the range.

You can put whatever restrictions you want on yourself. Our rights are not up to you to decide what should or should not be “allowed”.

Yes, right where it states “shall not be infringed.”

They are not seeking to “weed out the careless”, they are seeking to “weed out” the law-abiding citizens such as us. As to tests, etc., many of the worst states (the most restrictive) do have ridiculous standards, including some that require mental health evaluations (NYS, for one). As to affordability, the most restrictive states do the exact opposite, especially when training, permits, etc., result in several or more hundreds of dollars just to apply for the permit/license. But as long as you are still “allowed”, who cares?


You are correct. I have seen this happening this vey day.

I enjoy training, it is good to take classes and review
and it builds confidence. The correct way, builds good habits.

Just a small point to make and I won’t be long here. Our
Training covers many areas and safety is one of the
biggest part of that hard work we all do.

Many people have engaged a fight, the worst part of that fight is to engage in it with a firearm, that is the last resort and never to be done and it is the finale
decisions and deadly.

Please think back to the days we drove in very heavy traffic and it is lined up, cars and trucks of all types. The temperature outside is 100 degrees and humidity drives that temperature higher. Hour after hour we face very slow stop and go traffic. Then after 4 hours the traffics
breaks, but we find out that the cause of that very delay there was a the worst emergency ahead and many people are killed; many hurt.

The thought here is we were not their and we are safe
Even though we are hot and worn out for all of the driving. We become trained to be a better driver and
grow up in our lives.

In a gun fight, the best and grandest part is not to be there and never engage. Safety, small word, more of a miracle to me.


I agree with that 100% I have seen gun owners present inaccurate information on social media in my part of the country. As a result I posted USCCA videos on the Castle Doctrine as a response. I have seen comments so egregious I have to wonder if the person was truly a gun owner or someone posing as a gun owner to make gun owners look bad.


I often see it on this site, too, such as when someone referenced the “Wild West” and claims it as a metaphor for untrained firearm owners and that leading to major problems. Interestingly, facts do not bear that out, as the CDC data, 2019, page 40, shows year after year.


I think this is common, anytime there’s a political issue. It probably happens here.
I’m curious how often people leave awful comments because they’re mentally challenged, and how often people pose as mentally challenged because they’re awful people.


Yeah, there has been a rash of kids in our city playing ding dong ditch. Every now and then someone will say, getting my gun ready. Amazing how many times it is the same person that never posts anything else.


Interesting story William_H

Liked “be a better and grow up in our lives.”

Met a man once who told the story of when he was stuck in traffic, sitting in a cab, extremely upset for missing his flight to what he thought was an important business meeting. Turned out that plane crashed with fatalities. He never took life serious again.

Yes, “safety”, one simple small word, such meaning.

I’m not able to see some of the subjects or even posts of many in this forum, as I had edited my settings soon after I first visited this community. So, thank you.

Ever heard of the “ethical test questions?” I use it as part of my guide when I write on this community black-board. Do a good deed for someone tomorrow. Make someone’s day. Stay safe.


Well, here’s a new one on me. I quoted a post in this thread and replied “Best response ever”; no more, no less. My reply was flagged as inappropriate and hidden while the original post is still right up there at the top. Since when is “Best response ever” out of line or considered to be offensive? I sure hate to have offended anyone’s delicate sensitivity especially with the most foully worded reply of “best response ever”.


You offended someone who thought he once had a better response. :crazy_face:


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Depends on whether you claim to LOL better than anyone else.


Yes, I believe someone might believe you are calling “insert proper pronoun identifier here” a Little Old Lady and be offended. :rofl:


I have to be careful how I comment here… there are those who are easily offended by anything and everything on this site… I could, but can’t mention them by name.

The moderators SEEM to give these Professional Offended People more “sympathy” here because??? I don’t know, and those of us who don’t wear our feeling on our shirt sleeves and believe in free speech and "if you give it, then you need to be able to take it " and of course FACTS are censored, “cautioned” and threatened. I personally , Christians, and other conservatives have been called names, and insulted, yet, those offenders are not censored because “no community rules were violated”… :rofl:.

Bottom line, unfortunately… choose your words VERY carefully.

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Thank you, @Elza1, for your reply. Yes, my goodness, please be careful in your choice of words on how you comment because “best response ever” is obviously totally out of line and unacceptable. I certainly don’t want you to get in trouble for, God forbid (can I write God without offending the “community” ???), offering kind words of support for an overt agitator and intentional offender like me! I still don’t understand why my “best response ever” reply was flagged but the original post is still up there. At any rate, thank you again for your reply. Let’s see how long this comment lasts: There is a middle-finger emoji available under the smiley button. It is available to all so if it were offensive, surely it would have been removed by now. As such, I kindly, respectfully, and with no intent of malice towards any one anything, offer said emoji to the (ahem) “offended”. Have a nice day :innocent:

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I read your reply and am truly dumb-founded that anybody could find fault with it… but that goes back to my last post… " there are those who are easily offended by anything and everything on this site…"


Constitutional Carry law will be live June 13th for the State of Ohio. Been quite sometime coming. Some are worried & saying it will be crazy like the wild west, The crime will go even higher . Murder & killings will be at a all time high. I don’t think this be be true at all. most of us know the police can’t protect us… We have to protect our self. Criminals all ready have guns. They have no regard for the laws. And don’t care about police offices much less you or me. Most are pure evil with a intent to take what even they can & will not stop at taking your life or killing your family. They will stop at nothing. But once the law is in place in Ohio I’m sure the crime will be less because of the new. and I do believe that the ones that has never shot or carried a hand gun will get training . I feel that Ohio will be better because of the new law.And for all of us that has a permit to carry we can renew the permit when it comes time to do so. But you don’t have to have a permit to carry in Ohio. I have a permit, but will renew it.


Many don’t realize that part of the problem in Colo. voting outcome is that they made it possible for anyone to vote in the primary for either party to allow “poison” votes against better candidates. The short answer is “no, the election process in Colo. is rigged”

That is part of the reason we left the state.


I agree that our primary system is a big part of our problem. I think it’s bigger than whether or not a state allows people to vote outside their registered party, though. The primary system favors more outrageous candidates, who get more attention and elicit more excitement and money from the activists in either party. Then when all the moderates are eliminated and each party views the other side’s candidate as an extremist, they justify their own extreme tactics and candidates.


Happy anniversary @RED_ARROW5726


Sadly it seems that the “election” process is rigged in most states anymore.
In 2010 some individuals (I believe from New York) came into Colorado. All were multi-millionaires and the under cover video I referenced was done by one, at the time an insider, who saw what was happening.
The left is determined to turn America into another dictatorship with them as the dictators…New York is allowing illegals to vote in local elections. Russia, China, Cuba countries once free nations have all fallen to the ego driven blood lust of the left. Also sadly, to many “republicans” are spineless and won’t risk their wealth accumulated over their questionable “careers”.

I love my state it’s been my home for most of my life. Fortunately I live in a smallish mountain town in the southwest part of the state…but we’re being inundated with Californians fleeing their state and bringing their leftist propaganda here.
They’re like rats abandoning a sinking ship and coming here to sink ours.

"In the beginning God…

"Despots may plan and armies may march, and the congresses of the nation may seem to think they are adjusting all the affairs of the world, but the mighty men of the earth are only the dust of the chariot wheels of God’s providence."