The War Begins in New States; new permitless carry law

gunpolicy (@Firearms Policy Coalition) Tweeted: The Barbour County Sheriff is big mad about Alabama’s new permitless carry law:


Well, the most polite comment I can think of is f- him and his letter is full of sh-t.


I respect you and I do care about my state that I live in. Some people can not flush the toliet much
less follow the laws. I am not the problem and I wish you the best.


Tyrone is a Democrat. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.


“Alabama will not require it’s residence to have a pistol permit…”

I think he means residents but probably doesn’t know the difference.


We heard some of this kind of stuff last year “Wild Wild West” blah blah blah… But we haven’t seen an increase in violent crime in Utah, in fact it has stayed flat or even decreased a little. It’s unfortunate when police leaders think they are in such a position of power that they can sway public policy. A few of our police chiefs tried it just before Governor Cox signed Utah’s Constitutional Cary law last year but in our case, the majority prevailed.


I appreciate your input and I am very pleased your state laws have changed the correct way for you.

In this state of Florida
there are many visiting tourists to visit Disney and enjoy the ocean and gulf for fishing, swimming, and boating, much more. This state has many elderly people here to stay in a warm climate and only 3
seasons, by-passing the winter cold. People will not change, and I have listened to excuses that will
straighten razor wire, I have listened to military and police, and it is the same. Department of Corrections and Prisons are all over this state and no one talks about that nightmare. The State Police, Sheriff Department, City, and County Police have written the same letters that I have posted on permitless
carry laws. Change here is not going to be easy and rejection is high as the crime rate. We have FSU
and University of Florida College, plus more here too. Many people are looking for a perfect spot to live
in and that there isn’t any Crime. I have been here for 23 years!

I am very pleased to hear your Great News and wish the best for you and please stay safe.

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This is also one of the many who say “But you don’t need a gun- that’s what we’re here for” and when questioned say “well, we can’t be every where at once” and then they stand-down, retreat or redeploy leaving everybody but their own families defenseless.

Respectfully submitted…


The big increase in crime is because the dumbocrats wanted to defund the police. And that in blue cities and states.


The “Wild West” was pretty tame compared to some of our urban gun free zones.


And Yet!!! the Left continue to be clueless,


It is my opinion that responsible gun owners tamed the Wild West. Whoever says they can’t do it today is either not a responsible gun owner doesn’t know or want to know what one is.


The president has passed a bill to hire, train, deputize law enforcements, increase the ATF and much
more to enforce gun bans and control the crime rates. These enforcements are to get around our Constitution.

Our 2nd Amendment, plus more. It is a move to control our rights too. That cost and deception are in the BILLIONS (over 30 B) of dollars and the defunding the police is not going to happen.


The Wild, Wild, West, is a metaphor of what can happen when untrain gun owners, (New and Experienced), get to mismanaging the carrying of any firearm. It can lead to major problems and
negligence in every area.

At USCCA, the trainers, lawyers, educators, the people that manage USCCA to help us to be confident and train to be responsible guns owners have worked VERY HARD to help us. They have not paid me to brag about USCCA, because I will freely boast that they are the best at their work and training to keep us safe and alive.

We need a Boston Tea Party to Legally protest against the destruction of our Constitution and Rights.


More responsibly armed individuals will solve this problem. I don’t think we have to make this political. To me politics only muddies the water. The fight should be idea vs idea.
But that is just my agenda.


SOME GREAT NEWS FOR FLORIDA. There is hope still for us, thank you.


He lost me at “the second amendment discusses the right to bear arms”


Was it South Dakota or North Dakota that passed the “no charge” for constitutional carry last week?


to most of us the message is clear and just common sense… criminal types fear getting shot…

or getting a death by victim result… and we get and understand that…

if it boils down to who survives we tend to say let the victim survive over the criminal…

to us that makes the most sense…

perhaps that is how we should start framing our replies???

who would you rather keep alive and unharmed???

biggest problem with all this is the MSM will fight such tooth and nail with lies and distortions…

don’t even mention how big tech will respond…


I sincerely appreciate your commits. I only asked for directions in a positive way to find away over or around
Biden’s forceful battering and abusive desire to destroy
Our Constitution. Many people have died defending
The Constitution and we have seen this through all the
Wars, protesting governments controls to take our rights away, and all uncertainty.

Your comments are important and your state.that you
live in needs you deeply.

Last, I have wanted to see support from Florida, we are a state too. The support here is very weak here and it is an election year here in Florida too.

Thank you