The subjugation of a peoples begins

With the first ammendment in the trash heap! The assault on the Constitution begins in earnest with the new administration. With approx 400 deaths a year from guns- yet 2.5 - 4 million saved (*Lott Bias towards guns).

It appears that the subjugation of the people is starting?

Is that what we see going on?? Is that what people are ready for,or is it all to be swept away with flowery speech and people not willing to commit? Or is it all wrong in viewpoint or are we trying to die before this mess has to be dealt with.?
How do the old political folks,sell out like this? Or They didn’t freedom just means less.

But what about my guns??? What say you protectors of self and the very existence of freedom?

Biden Calls on Congress to Restrict Gun Ownership

Love to see regional feedback if possible also

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