President Biden

Watch “Steve Hilton: Biden aides issued a ‘jaw dropping’ statement”

This is not a article or a insulting comment to destroy
anyone, including our President. There are people
in Government using these problems of Biden to
gain strengths and searching for their own misusing
Powers and Controlling abuses.

We ALL have faced for over two years of oppression and abuse, threatening people and destroying our Constitution and will never.


First, we DON’T have a President. (if that’s a president, I’m Stephen Hawking)
Secondly, I’m surprised that patriots like ourselves have allowed it to get this far. We had a duty, it is written.
The legacy will be, World War, whether that starts today or in 20 years.
Which will lead to an innate desire to get off the planet!
That’s the accomplishment of the Soros/Biden/Harris/Fauci experiment!
For the record and any living archive, I had nothing to to with it. I don’t know them, she’s not with me.
If we survive, I’ll deny their very existence!

P.S. I wish everyone would stop addressing him as President, he’s brought shame and disgust to the office of the president.
I could stand next to ANY OTHER, but this one is a disgrace on every level!


There is no semblance of a Constitutional Republic left. Been saying this for over two years.

They WILL have your weapons, and you will like it.


He is not a President, just a puppet with a serious case of dementia…


I agree totally with you. Biden is a pawn and expendable like in a chess game. Respectfully, I do not understand all the garbage being thrown at the
American people. I am 1000% with USCCA and being active to learn everything every class, books, test, live fire training, and meeting people.

Gun Safety and Gun Laws have been the hard part, so much of it. The trainings were taught by military or
police people that were retired and they do very well.

Firearms of all types are being owned and carried, but
the firearm is only a piece of equipment, only a tool.
The crime rates are climbing and I do not want people to get hurt or killed.

Biden is a escape goat and a pawn. Please stay safe
and help others to do the same. Our firearms that we carry are the last thing to engage and our brains and training is more important.

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Biden’s horrendous policies and habitual corruption and lying can be shown from just to stories from this week. From a policy standpoint his policy that just started yesterday requires the mortgages of those with good credit and who paid 20% down on their houses to have their mortgage payments go up to offset those who have bad credit, are risks, and have no down payment money so that they may get cheaper mortgages, some owners have already been notified that their 1800 month payment will now be $3100, can you say taxation without representation or SOCIALISM, or how about theft? Literally those who have been responsible and have done the right things financially are now being robbed so the lazy who don’t work and are not responsible can buy a home they have no business having.

From a pure criminal standpoint we once again got another piece of evidence with 2011 emails where Hunter setup meetings with VP Joe in the White House for Hunters corrupt business associates who then paid the Biden Mafia money for Biden to help with their issues! The WH logs document the visits that the emails discuss.

America is truly being destroyed by this corrupt failure and his liberal ideology.


President Biden is very sick and needs medical help. I
am not placing judgment of falsely accusing this
Individual. Biden need medical attention and not
being abused.

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I wonder if he has to be reminded that he is the President? When needed.
It would be like, look what you did today! He would look around and say, “Representative Jackie — are you here? Where’s Jackie?”
“When President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago,” he stated, “one of the nurses on that, on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope.”
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :pleading_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Every morning…
The People love you.
The economy is the best it’s ever been, the southern border is quiet, the FBI and ATF are keeping you safe


You know when I was young, I wanted to be a special FBI agent?
Never happened! :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :pleading_face:


You still have time, well, maybe an IRS agent😀


I knew it, this thread is titled wrong… :rofl:


Is the ATF looking for a new director? I would be willing to take the job. I know what an Assault weapon is, and I know what increases velocity of a bullet and what makes a gun dangerous! I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them if they do not conflict with the Second Amendment.


That already disqualifies you! To be any type of leader or appointed to a life long position, you need to have the IQ of a coconut!


Can you tell us more on the subject of Assault weapons. :smirk_cat:

An Assault weapon is an imaginary term used to describe any weapon a person may want to just like calling an ugly old lady a witch. She may be scary but does not necessarily mean she really is one.


I was implying that the term was made up by a moron. More on. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I don’t know what is worse calling a weapon an assault weapon or calling an ugly old lady a witch.

Ugly, old, women, with the exception those in our state and federal legislatures, cannot turn lawful citizens into criminals - that makes these morons far worse and more dangerous to our general welfare.

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I take that back. I shouldn’t call them morons. As long as they call them assault weapons because they are use in defense of an assault.

Last time I took training on the AR 15, it is a style of
a Rifle and not only can it be use in self defense, the
AR 15 are great at the range and training.

USCCA has a training course to help people become instructors in the AR 15.

Assault Weapon is a title that is a made up
name; adjective.

I would like to train with my Sig Sauer AR 15, M 400.

Thank you