How Joe Biden Falling On The Stairs Exposes The Truth About Gun Control


You nailed it.


Really? Hasn’t the truth of gun control been around for quite some time? I’m guessing sometime around the 17 hundreds. I realize colion states this for folks who still don’t know any better. I hope they wake up…


Great video.
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Not many people will be laughing about Biden’s push for gun control. No one has remembered our history about socialism and communism at any time. We have started to be stretched at the seams and divisions that can destroy any chance to recover our nation, our 50 states. I will not bad mouth anyone here for their opinions or beliefs, but we all need to peacefully stand up say enough of this mess as a united People.

We can not shoot our way out of this, we can not get a gang built up to throw Biden, His message, and destruction into a harbor to protest his Tax Increases. We can not start another
Revolutionary War over the attacks on our Constitution and over our constitutional rights. We are seeking the start of another Civil War and that is in the wrong direction too.

This may not be a joking matter. Also, it will effect everyone too.


You can’t stop a falling star from falling, he or his handlers are about to push through an agenda that we can’t stop.
His disposable Bic pen is mightier than your AR-15, that’s Armalite Rifle model 15, and he knows how to use it, the pen! He’s in his sand box and for 47 years he’s been dreaming of destroying America! He finally got his wish! I guess after 47 years in the senate and eight years as water-boy for obama, I’d be pissed too!
We let this happen, we got what we refused to stop! Hitler didn’t stop!
These people didn’t want war, tax increases or revolution either, so they got on the train, I think I hear a train coming.

Are you going to board the Biden/Harris death trains?

The sad truth is, he allowed an invasion and is allied with a communist party and he will never be held accountable for the millions of American deaths! There’s NO ONE left to stop the insanity! As soon as the filibuster is dead, so are we!


Sadly, this is all profoundly true and nobody cares. War is a young man’s business and we have raised 3 generations of Beta-males incapable of and unwilling to defend their own lives and liberty, much less anything resembling their sacred honor.


So what’s the answer? What does “peacefully stand up” mean? Maybe Hong Kong? Tiananmen Square 1989? Enlighten us as to how YOUR plan works out. Coming soon to a city near you! It’s happening today in Communist China (and has non-stop since they came to power in 1949…just destroying different ethnic and religious minorities by focusing on them one at a time):


Honor is not in their vocabulary!


I am very familiar and knowledgeable of our history and I appreciate your thoughts here. Thank You !
Opinions and suggestions are important here. Maybe preparations, long term plaining, decision making, what
can we legally and positively do to stop or slow any progression of this destruction, hate, hurt other people and their
families. How about our families lives and homes and their safety. Learn from our past and not repeat it. I am honored
for your comments here and thank you for your help. This is for the helping everyone and the president is a pawn;
respectfully said.

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Ok, first I have been a fan of Colion Noir for some time, articulate, very well read, and attorney receiving his JD from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and the bottom line is he makes common sense seem normal. I honestly believe he is a gigantic thorn in the side of the liberal views that are permeating this country. Colion even debated and shut down the great Left Liberal Bill Mahar…check it out.

On to this discussion, just what exactly does the 2nd Amendment mean of the Constitution? First the 2nd Amendment was created for having just used guns to ward off the English, the amendment was “originally” created to give citizens the opportunity to fight back against a tyrannical federal government. Thank you, James Madison.

Second, the right to keep and bear arms: The right to keep and bear arms is a right for people to possess weapons (arms) for the own defense.

So now the big discussion points, I think hopefully we can agree that the use of a Grenade Launcher needs to be tightened up just a tad. Also, with recent events and let us not forget Sandy Hook, Columbine, something needs to be done. I will quote Colion here “I lost all my guns in a boating accident” … just so you know where I stand.

It is my belief, that a serious dark cloud would develop very quickly over this country if someone, forcibly attempted to grab an individual’s personal weapons, either by a buy back or total confiscation. This country would erupt, I believe that with my very essence. However, something has to be done, either by extending the wait period, for a complete background check (which I do support) or just pricing ammo to such an extent that it could be traded as a commodity…I don’t have the answer.

Americans that own guns are not going to give them up, everyone knows that mine were lost in a boating accident, I cannot speak for anyone else. I have a young individual, who lives next door who is the most Liberal democrat individual (an attorney), and she despises anything Republican, but ask her to give up her .38 that she has for ‘personal protection’, and the argument and vitriol that spews from her mouth about ‘her’ rights, are worse than mine.

Gun Control is just the tip of the iceberg, it will be interesting to watch Biden tonight and see how he performs, Biden is already a has been, its Harris we should worry about in the big picture.

Anyone else loose their guns in a boating accident?


It is an NFA item already. Furthermore, if one is not a criminal, and safely uses it for its intended purpose, there should be no issue with anyone owning one. Once one commits a criminal act with one, then that person is subject to any laws pertaining its criminal use. Has the legal limit and recording of legal users of Sudafed prevented the production or use of Meth?

Neither of those are the “answer”. We have a NICS background check, those that are “prohibited” we already read about in the news do not obtain their firearms by any legal means as the law already disbars their RKBA - any way they obtain a firearm is already illegal. Furthermore, pricing the poor out of firearm ownership is repugnant and contrary to one of the founding principles of our country, egalitarianism. We outlawed poll taxes for a similar reason. We do not believe in discrimination nor in elitism where only the wealthy can afford inalienable rights.


Coincidental that you post the train photo on the anniversary of Operation Priboi.

We’ve already been told that only rich and powerful people need firearms for protection. The poor don’t need them, so new legislation will price them out of firearms and/or ammunition. If history repeats itself, the next target will be the Kulaks- the middle class who already have or can still get the firearms that are only meant for the ruling class. This won’t be as difficult as it sounds, because we’ve long sown the seeds of envy and discord.

That’s my most likely distopian future. I have happier versions of the future; hopefully they win out.


I guess we should All curl up in a ball.!! what a … bunch of worms !!

Can’t say it any better.

The Right to Bear Arms was written with the latest military issue in mind, otherwise they would have said that it only applies to muzzle loading black powder muskets and not AR-15s, laser rifles, sonic weapons and light sabers.


Patented in 1718 by a British lawyer.

The Constitution was ratified 69 years later. I’m pretty confident that the FF’s knew about technological advancement. The cotton gin was invented 4 years later and the Industrial Revolution had begun almost 3 decades before the Constitution was ratified. So let’s not pretend they were Luddites (who didn’t come around for another twenty years, by the way).


Our 2nd amendment Rights have already been trampled on by crooked and power hungry politicians and judges who have bastardized the spirit of the 2nd amendment through re-interpretation, mis-interpretation and mis-representation.
Our Right to bear arms is absolute. The government does not grant us the Rights and, therefore, the government cannot take away or limit those Rights, but they’ve been doing just that since at least 1934 with the National Firearms Act and all other gun control laws that followed. It’s not about gun control at all, it’s about people control, and these latest pieces of legislation are about creating a list of gun owners and the guns they own for future confiscation. My local gun shops even have to keep a record if they work on your firearms. Several shops in our state, Louisiana, have been raided by the ATF for not keeping those records. Why would they need that information if not to use it in the future? All gun control laws should be abolished and the ATF disbanded. There are other entities that can keep an eye on alcohol and tobacco. As far as explosives, I would categorize that as “Arms”, along with body armor or “bullet proof” vests.
As you can see, I take a Constitutional originalist view of the 2nd amendment as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights in the United States.
These measures do nothing to stop most shootings and only serve to keep citizens from being able to defend themselves, especially in cities that have strict gun control laws. It would be a nice source of revenue for the Mexican cartels though, especially since the border is wide open now!


Any gun law made to control our guns and ammunitions will never stop crime and
You are correct. Shootings, theft, alcohol/drugs, engnorance, and uneducated
People, the list goes on from the beginning of time. Gun Control will not stop
the shootings or crime.

The innocent and hard working people have the right to own firearms and that
firearm does not kill or hurt someone unless the trigger is pulled. You are correct !