The shooting was justified but handing the guy the gun may not be legal?

I remember when this happened, about 100 yds from our building. The kid was getting whooped so his buddy hands him a gun, in self defense he shoots the guy. Charges are dropped because it was self defense BUT the guy that handed the kid the gun is not off the hook. This will be interesting.


After reading both articles it sounds like a Bull :poop: charge. :thinking:


Lawrence [the judge] said there is a “narrow window” for prosecutors to prove Dirzo-Portugal is guilty of murder when the person who fired the shot is not, and said there is a “fairly slim change the state is going to prevail.” However, the judge said he will keep an open mind.

Salt Lake County deputy district attorney Nathaniel Sanders argued that although the justification hearing led to a ruling that Ruiz-Martinez believed he was protecting Dirzo-Portugal from serious injury or death, that doesn’t necessarily mean Dirzo-Portugal believed he was in danger of serious injury or death when he passed the gun.

He said the theory is “not fully developed” but said the charges should remain intact while prosecutors are allowed to continue investigating. He said maybe Dirzo-Portugal knew he was not in danger, but was annoyed the other guy was winning the fight. “It’s an ego question,” he said.

The prosecutor is a little b——. He knows the charge is bs, and even the judge essentially does, too, but is still taking it to trial. So let’s waste taxpayers money on this because there are no other crimes and cases to prosecute. /sarc