After the shot - The Prosecution

From the Prosecutor:
“I don’t think that just because you see people vandalizing a vehicle and you see someone with a gun that that means you can shoot,” she said."

I don’t know that I would have shot at the car, especially if it was moving away but the words of the prosecutor are frightening. Basically she is saying they have a gun, point a gun, but if you don’t shot at me first I can’t protect myself?



I must have missed the part where she said you can’t defend yourself if someone points a gun at you.

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“So’o told police he heard a loud boom and thought it was gunfire.”

Did he “Reasonably” think he was being shot at?

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IMO the writer is prejudging that So’o is guilty when the hearing is still going on.

Legal arguments will continue in February with defense & prosecution submitting evidence and briefs to the judge.

The judge will render a verdict of justified or not based on the law.

Sounds good to me!

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