The Ruger-57: Another 5.7x28mm Option | USCCA

The 5.7x28mm has a small and dedicated following, but a lot of people are missing out on the advantages of this cool and surprisingly effective little handgun round for various reasons. The introduction of the excellent Ruger-57 might help you decide that now is the time to take the plunge!

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Great info on the Ruger 57 pistol. I’ve got plans for one very soon. Just waiting for them to show up at LGS.


Ok, I just got my hands on one. It’s a shooter. I have to tell you, this will be a disruptive innovation in the industry.

  1. Accurate
  2. Low recoil–that’s almost not true–there is almost no recoil.
  3. GREAT terminal performance.
  4. Ability to carry a lot of rounds (20 round mags).
  5. Personally, at first blush, I liked the trigger. I hear that is not the consensus.
    The first time I shot it, I fainted. Because of #1-3 below.
  6. Ammo price
  7. Ammo price
  8. Ammo price $37 and change for a box of 50 at the range. Granted, I’m not usually going to buy my ammo there, but it takes a really big bite out of the wallet.
  9. Fiber optic front sight is ok, but I would like to see an RMR compatible frame or night sights or both.
  10. Full size pistol (a compact version would be easier to carry).
  11. 1911 type safety, which I like (as safeties go), but would prefer one without a safety. I don’t know that they’d ever do that with a single action trigger, though.
    Conclusion–Ruger has done a great job with this. I compared it to the FN–the FN is just contrary to everything we’re used to. The slide release is where the safety is and vice versa. The Ruger 57 is a pretty solid gun for less than 1/2 the cost of the FN, and significantly better made.
    I can’t think of a better pistol for home defense. And if the cost of the ammo comes down out of the stratosphere, I’m betting it will open the floodgates for sales of this pistol.
    I’m going to pick one up today.

Ruger 57: I’ve owned a 5.7X28 FN for many years. I enjoy every thing about the size, wt, and accuracy. The fact you have 20 rounds at a very good weight and recoil is great!


I’ve shot the FN and found the weight and feel really weird for me - which is a perfect example of why so many firearm options are a great thing!

Thanks for sharing, @Nancy10! Glad to have you here!

@Dawn–yes, it does feel different–especially the trigger compared a striker action.
But when you look at the terminal performance and feel the (lack of) recoil, it seems like a great option for recoil sensitive people who want a pistol with stopping power and accuracy. The only trade off is the set back to your finances.
And it’s mighty big for CCW for a small framed person.
But I pick it up this weekend from my FFL dealer. LOL