The 5.7x28mm: More Powerful Than You Think! | USCCA

If you check most gun shops for 5.7x28mm ammo to feed your new Ruger 57 pistol, you’ll likely only find ammo loaded with 40-grain bullets — usually rounds like the 40-grain FMJ practice loads from American Eagle or the FN 40-grain V-Max Sporting Cartridge.

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I have long been interested in this round. This article only increases that interest. The 5.7 may be worth looking into some more. Interesting move by Ruger.

I just picked up the gun and the reloading dies. The ammo is crazy expensive, but there is almost no recoil, and it’s accurate. Here is a post by 2ndAMVa with a link below on the lethality of the round.

"If you look at this Wikipedia link and look at the list of casualties, one can come to a very eye-opening conclusion.
Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1. 11 people were shot center-of-mass (COM), one was shot in the stomach and one was shot in the head. All 13 died. All 11 victims who were shot COM did not survive.
2. 3 of the 13 people who died, tried to charge Hassan, but he stopped them with COM shots.
3. The 32 people who were wounded were hit in the arms, legs, hips and shoulders. None of the wounded survivors were shot COM.

The following conclusions can be drawn:
1. The FN 5.7 is a very lethal round CQB because all 11 victims who were shot COM died. No survivors for those hit COM.
2. The FN 5.7 is a real stopper, because 3 tried to charge Hassan at close range and were stopped by COM shots.
3. One of the fatalities was shot in the stomach, and died. The fragmentation of the SS197R round can create a hail of metal shards that can cause serious internal organ damage and bleeding in the stomach.
4. None of the 32 people who were hit in the extremities, hips and shoulders were able to muster a counter-attack because the FN 5.7 must have shattered or broken bones. The high rate of wounded vicitms to fatalities was the direct result of the shooting ability of Hassan (or lack thereof), and not because the 5.7x28 round is not lethal.
5. Sgt. Kimberly Munley (base civilian police), one of the first responders, was immediately disabled with 5.7x28 bullet shrapnels to her wrist and a second 5.7x28 bullet broke her femur. The light 5.7x28 commercial ammo showed that it can shatter large bones due to its velocity
6. According to medical personnel, there was so much blood in the room that it was difficult to get to the victims because the floor became very slippery. One can conclude that the commercial 5.7x28 rounds can fragment or tumble, causing immense blood loss.
7. It took five bullets (which I assume was a 9 mm) from Sgt Mark Todd to stop Hasan. And he survived his wounds (no available info on where he was hit, except that one of the bullets paralyzed Hasan).

In conclusion:
1. The FN 5.7 is definitely a very lethal round. 100% fatality for COM shots.
2. The FN 5.7 is a man-stopper. Three military men tried to charge Hasan, and all three were stopped.
2. The FN 5.7 is a very incapacitating round, if extremities are hit, because it is powerful enough to break the femur (which is the largest bone in the body)
3. The fragmentation or tumbling effect of commercial ammo can cause a lot of blood loss.

The FN 5.7 is a very effective weapon. It is as effective as, or arguably more effective, than any military or civilian pistols in the market.

It is unfortunate that the jihadist Hassan used this weapon against U.S. soldiers."

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One of my nephews picked up the FN pistol that shoots this round . He took it out a few months ago to show it off . I had no previous experience with either the pistol or the round . We were shooting at 3/8 inch steel targets the size and shape of the IPSC A zone chest and head at 15 yards . The first two shots hit low , off the steel and into the supporting 2X4 . Nether bullet penetrated the 2 inches of wood . I don’t know the load he was shooting , but I’ll stick to my .45 autos .

Chris, the .45 is my go-to as well.
I only know that the Ruger I’m shooting groups as nice as any pistol I own with the notable exception of my Kimber.
I don’t care if it doesn’t penetrate wood–I’ve never been attacked by lumber…:slight_smile:

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Oh yea , the .45 penetrates with no problem . It was the 5.7 that fell flat on it’s face .

I’ve never been attacked by lumber either , but I remember one shoot out between a felon and a LEO . The felon would pop up over a fence top and let a couple go then ducked back down , the cop would pop up from behind his car and let a couple go in return .
Happened several times , then the cop realized it was a slated chain link fence in front of the felon . Two shots later the felon was no longer a problem .

I always carry some sort of 1911 type firearm . Last few years it’s been one of my Colt Defenders much more often than not . I can rapid fire three inside of three inches at 15 yards , hit one of those red rubber bouncy targets at 50 yards more than half the
time and hit a man sized IPIC steel target at 100 yards half the time taking my time and resting across a shooting box . I figure it will be a lot harder justifying the shot to a judge than making it .



The American Eagle Brand is inexpensive, but is not as strong and the FN branded ammo. Barrel Velocity is about 60% of the FN rounds. Great for practice, not as good for defense.

That I did not know . It is very possible ( even probable ) that he was shooting that .
Looking at the specs. , the AE is a 40 gr at 1655 , the FN 40 grain is 1750 , only a little hotter , but the issue ammo is 31 gr at 2350 . The AE is 70% of that speed but at a 30% increase in weight .
I don’t think that would change performance on wood a lot .
Because of my love of 1911 types , I’ve been thinking of a .22 magnum AMT , but I know if I get one I would not be able to sell it if I did not like it . Been looking at the .22 TCM as well .

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Been shooting alot of the 31 gr, thought it was around 2000 fps and 1200 for the AE brand. should of looked at the ballistics tables before posting, thanks for keeping me honest!

I have done some extensive research on this round & the Ruger 57. I was not even aware that this round existed. It apparently does not come on a smaller carry gun which I am resonably sure that will happen if the Ruger 57 is a big hit. I watched several ballistics tests into gel blocks & as mentioned, the round tumbles & fragments but the penetration isn’t good enough in my opinion to use it as an EDC