New gun to try?

Has anyone tried the FN five seven? A great looking pistol, surprisingly light. Saw one at a local gun store today. But the price could make you choke.

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I keep thinking the 5.7 x 28 would be an interesting platform to work with. It kinda fits in with my appreciation of high velocity + low to moderate mass 357mag and 357SIG. 22 mag also is fun if only rimfire.

There are a couple of other vendors who are offering builds around the ammunition, but not really a light plastic pistol. I think the closest is a mini UZI semi auto by Masterpiece; which is said to be heavy to hand.

Now-a-days though, there are AR “pistols” out there which might be a grand substitute at or below price of admission on the FN.

So, ya, the Five Seven has me choked ever since I saw it. I always wanted the P90 (or at least a SBR PS90.) Again, costly, but seems easier to swallow.

Good luck, let us know how things turn out!

/edit; I’d rather have said …‘AR “pistols” in 5.7 x 28’… also see CMMG


@Winsam I ran one a few years back when they were new and all the rage. They are a dream to shoot and accurate as all get out. The pointed little go fast boolet will also defeat most non plate body armor. That’s where the accolades and for me. I was very glad our tax dollars were funding my experience as the pistol, magazines AND the ammo is stupid expensive as you noted. Nice if you can afford to buy it and feed it or if you have a rich uncle that supports it.




Remember to bring your wallet when you need ammo😳, that 5.7 stiff is high! I like the idea/ concept but with that said, you wind up with a handgun with basically .22 Mag RIFLE ballistics. Not bad but certainly not any massive powerhouse. For small game hunting might be ok IF the ammo was cheaper/ more available.


I’ve always thought that the FN Five-seveN was a really interesting idea, if a bit niche. It’s almost like an exact middle between typical handgun rounds and intermediate rifle rounds.

I don’t know that it is much better at stopping a threat than other common handgun rounds like 9mm, .45, .40S&W, etc nor a full intermediate cartridge like 5.56 or 7.62. It’s muzzle energy is similar to 9mm, but I’m not sure how the bullet shape and velocity would affect terminal ballistics in comparison.

What it does have though is the ability to defeat some soft-armor sometimes (the real AP round is not available for civilian use, like all other AP rounds). It has a really flat trajectory which is useful for shooting accurately to longer distances than with other handgun rnds. It has 20 rnd capacity standard and very soft recoil.

If you are into such things it would be a fantastic active shooter response firearm. You could engage from farther away, with similar (or greater) round capacity, and possibly defeat body armor without needing to resort to head/pelvic shots. And while it’s a full-size pistol, its significantly smaller than an AR pistol for a similar purpose.

For more “normal” situations, like a home defense, if you have a long shot in your home (maybe down a hallway or something) but don’t want to or can’t use a long-gun then this would also be a great choice. If you are recoil sensitive, this is miles better than resorting to a .22LR for HD.

I did a quick check for ammo prices over at SGAmmo and prices were as low as $0.38/rnd for “plinking” ammo and < $0.60/rnd for “the good stuff”. So while it’s definitely more expensive than more common rounds (9mm plinking ammo is frequently < $0.20/rnd), it doesn’t seem like its sooooo expensive as to rule it out just because of ammo cost.


I have one and i love it that being said the ammo is not cheap and can not be reloaded. Also my Wife bought me the P90 and holds 50 rounds which take the same ammo as my 5.7 comes with 3 20 round mags


What is the barrel length on that PS90?

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You’s got a keeper! - I’m speaking of your wife mate!
Nice toys! Will you send us a review sometime?

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I wouldn’t mind one. Some countries use smaller calibers for their LE and security sidearms. I know the ammo isn’t as cheap as a 1000 round box of FMJ 9, but a 50 round box of FN branded 5.7 in my area cost the same as a 50 round box of WWB 45 ACP JHP (about $30). Considering many 9mm SD ammo goes for $30 for 20 rounds, I don’t think the 5.7 ammo is really that expensive. Personally, I think the round is better mated with the P90/PS90.

A side note… back in the day, I heard that FN uses some sort of coating to aid in the feeding of their ammo and that AE does not use it. However, I have only fired the FN branded ammo.


Supposedly there is a “dry lube” embedded in the cases of 5.7 to help it feed. This lube gets removed when attempting to clean brass to reload ammo, which is reportedly ONE of the difficulties in reloading 5.7.

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