The resident signed another E.O


“Biden signed the executive order Tuesday in Monterey Park, California”

Any other place would have just felt wrong huh?:roll_eyes:


No. Other places did not have a larger number of liberal campaign doners.


Would love to see him go to East Palestine, Ohio and make that speech.
The most frightened “president” in history.
Want to ban guns, how about we ban taxes?
Anyone born in the last five years will never know this was the greatest country on the planet! Nor that it was the freest nation on earth. They get what they deserve.
I think when the time comes, I’m just going to lock and load and grab a beer on the lanai and watch it all burn.
We should have prevented the coup when we had the upper hand.


The old politician is nothing more than a snakeoil salesman, and people out there fall for the :poop: he preaches. He’s not a crime fighter, lacks leadership, asleep at wheel steering the country down the road to nowhere fast!


But Wait! I’m sure we were told Joe didn’t want to take our guns. I’m sure the left said it was all election cycle hype by the Trump minions.


Today is Wednesday March 15th 2023, and Joe Biden is still the worst President in United States history.#FJB🖕


You have to be elected (not selected) to be President.


Anything uttered by a President (any President but most especially the desiccated corpse currently smelling up the oval office and pretending to be the President) that ends with " without new legislation" should be immediately invalidated.


Let the Depends-able resident-in-creep sign all the EO’s he wants till his pens run out of ink!
It’s going to be a little “difficult” ENFORCING all these illegal mandates/orders whatever.
You can only piss on WE THE PEOPLE for so long till that big dog in the yard starts to get ANGRY!
(Hell! he’s already chomping @ the bit!)
There are 1 MILLION guns being sold to all flavors of AMERICANS now. Not just the proverbial
‘Old fat White guy’s" anymore. People are sick of the tyrannical DC cabal. 400 MILLION+ guns in the hands of it’s citizenry !! Quite the MILITIA wouldn’t you agree folks? I LIKE THE ODD’S. What is necessary now is to protect the Gun System.
Manufacturing: guns, mags, accessories,stores,repair shops,ranges the USCCA and most of all ‘Boolits’ ! That’s why we better stock up now while we can. If the supply chain is effected the hardware we own just becomes expensive clubs! Get your neighbors involved (some of mine are worthlessly woke) but others have listened. It isn’t a solid network (yet) but some are waking up that this is going to get LOUD!
I see the ‘Prepping’ my neighbors are doing. I’m no sage but people are listening to others in the know. They see what ‘could be’ and are taking measures so their families are safe(r).
The system is broken. Old Poopy pants-little girl sniffer is EO’ing themselves into a situation where they can’t back up what they are selling. Look @ the USCCA Community, the TTAG Community, do you think WE THE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY?
I don’t know exact numbers of TTAG’s but USCCA is what? 3/4’s of a MILLION members?
How many of US are Leo’s? Military? retired military? It’s more than just numbers, it’s the friggin’ EXPERIENCE that counts! A ‘WELL ARMED MILITIA… jus’ sayin’ ;c) Do you really believe that the Military is going to attack it’s own if ordered to do so? These kids now are by no means Mensa hopefuls but they are NOT TRAITOR’s ! ( and dips— in chief is trying to mothball THEIR GUNS! How stoopid are they anyway? Hopefully REALLY stoopid!). The only forces Obama/Gates/Bloomberg/Sorus etc have are the Alphabet Army’s. And the people not so secretly flooding across our borders,staying in our tax payer funded ‘wellness hotels’ waiting for THE WORD.
Now they are trying to crack down on our Militia’s guarding our borders @ least stemming the open sewer flow from Venezuela, Nicaragua,Columbia…etc etc etc… thank GOD for them !
Do these ‘people’ really think the ‘reparations’ ploy is going to make people fight for THEM? REALLY?
I don’t want Uncivil action/disruption/conflict but they are making the inevitable possible. Who thought back in the day 1774+ that farmers, land owners,people of means and the average colonist could defeat the mighty British forces? WE DID! or we would die fighting. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost EVERYTHING FIGHTING! Their wealth, homes, families slaughtered, some died destitute! but they kept fighting till they were in the ground!.
D of I part 2? All I really know, feel in my heart is we are NOT wussies! I will only take so much. If there is a pounding on my door you can take to the bank one thing. If you come to do me harm, hurt my family, enslave us. You better have A LOT of body bags Brother!


I don’t know what makes us think this is what Biden wants. Biden is only the messenger. Biden knows what the people want. If the people didn’t want this the people wouldn’t vote for him. Biden works for the people. It is not Biden we have to convince to be armed and fight criminal violence it is the people. If the people want to fight criminal gun violence do you think they would vote for Biden. This is not about if we care about our rights vote Republican. This is about if we care about being responsibly armed and saving lives convince other Americans to do the same. The politics will take care of itself. If we are not fighting to have more responsibility armed Americans we are fighting a losing battle. My 2¢

The part about pushing the regs as far as possible without new legislation telegraphs the Dems don’t have much confidence getting anything through Congress.