The "Refer a Friend" thing

Finally got around to reading that email today and entering the Sweepstakes. You know, more than the incentive of “Free Rewards”, it actually got into my heart that the best thing I COULD do for my gun-owning “Friends” on FB was to PM them about USCCA. Why? Because the ramifications/consequences of NOT having a Membership are simply horrible, financially and mentally. I think what put me over-the-top as re: going ahead and PM’ing those selected was a thing that was in the back of my mind prior to becoming a Member myself - I already KNEW what some of the consequences were of having to fire a weapon in self-defense were and the more I thought about those things, the more I wondered whether those concerns would cause me to HESITATE in a critical situation where - literally - split-seconds count. My Membership erased those concerns - AND that potential hesitation.

DO the “Refer-a_Friend” thing, people. It really IS one of the most valuable pieces of advice you can give ANY gun-owner you know. Pete


The Refer A Friend is a great program. My brother is a USCCA member and recommended me. We both got some really cool free stuff.
BTW… My brother is the one that posts stupid stuff here. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, whenever there is a spoiler post or a clip vs magazine post, or post that on general makes me look bad. That was my evil twin brother Skippy, wife, roommate, cat walking on keyboard, or me falling asleep at the keyboard and rolling my face around.

Any quality, humorous, remotely entertaining or informative posts though. Those were all me


I referred my friend to USCCA. I don’t know what he got, but I got a Kershaw pocket knife with USCCA engraved on it! Still waiting on everybody else to get on-board though…


I got a yellow “LEO” practice gun from the USCCA program. An exact replica of a Gen 4 Glock 17. I liked it so much I actually purchased a real Gen 4 Glock 17.


The detail is so precise that it actually works great in my CAA MCK…


It blends right in :rofl:

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I almost got that until I realized it was a Glock :joy::joy::joy:


@DLVick38 You don’t have to be THAT honest. Lol.