The Reason Biden Doesn't Want Special Counsel Transcript Released

(I Hope he’s PRAYING—or maybe just UNCOUNCIOUS!–who can tell anymore?)

“Biden is well in the ninth inning of life and rounding third base, metaphorically speaking. He won’t last much longer, and he’s getting meaner. That’s the product sometimes of aging and dementia. So Biden seized on his own mistake of bringing up Beau as NBC news reported”.

I worked for a bit in an Assisted Living Facility (In Memory care—The final stop for Seniors before they —you know—the Thing :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
I’m NO expert but my observations are Mr. 10% is fading fast. No shocker, No great insight of mine. I just see the Dementia clearer as I’ve seen wonderful people ‘take their mental luggage a little bit at a time and go HOME’ but the body stays here. Normally gentle souls become angry, abusive and Dangerous (to themselves and others)
Puddin’ was never really known as a GREAT STATESMEN, He’s plagiarized (and got caught), He lies and he’s a TOADY for others—a Puppet. He was always a story teller (usually made sh** up on the fly and if he got laughs or people warmed to his stories he adopted them as truth into his life.
THAT is a Pathological Liar’s way.
But this guy sits in the BIG CHAIR.
This guy has Millions of American’s Lives in his Feeble, dementia riddled hands and Mind.
This is NO joke.
We have been ‘lead’ by other Presidents who were weak, Incapable and Corrupt
but Puddin’ is one other thing. He’s PURCHASEABLE! Bought and Paid for. And that is unacceptable.

GOD bless America (we’re going to need it! if this keeps up) (Hopefully not in one big mushroom cloud!)



Growing up there was one event that set my political direction. At 11-12 yeasr old I watched for 444 days Americans being held by radical “peaceful” vile POS’s. I determined that democraps were weak and unable the lead. I voted repulican and pissed off my family to no end.

Fast forward many years and the child molester clinton reignited my despise for the donkeypox. Juming ahead again it was obummer that made my retire from the USCG.

What’s happening now I never in my wildest f’ed up imagination could come up with this situation. Im sure as a nation we’ll recover but it won’t be a quick fix.


I have a feeling you are correct my Brother.
I honestly believe NO ONE could have imagined all this.
And we will survive this unless the whole world go’s tit’s up
and then who cares, we will be HOME.
I just want to see Justice before I finally get the call to come home.
This Warrior needs to go out with a WIN!


As far as the “fix” is concerned, it’s possible.
Too much is broken and a pen can’t fix it all!
As far as “puddin” that MFr doesn’t exist anymore.
For me a “Biden” is a something that fell off a bike, fell “UP” a flight of stairs, tripped on a shadow or a dementia patient that talks to himself while spinning in circles!

Thank God, the only male DNA left that has the “ability” to breed, has a good chance of being locked up!


or (81)----just sayin’
You know guy’s It’s not like he was a nice person before the dementia
I’ve sen people absolutely lose it over their Parents, Uncles, Aunts , friends
head down that lonely path… 'He was–‘She was… fill in your own blanks"
But this guy was a self serving SH**! His whole LIFE!
He thought he was Better than, Entitled, Smarter than… and like I always say
KARMA is a BEEOTCH! Look at him now. He has no idea what he’s saying and doing.
He will have a horrendous LEGACY! The WORST Resident EVER! A PHUCKIN’ JOKE!
A PUPPET! A PUDDIN" PUPPET! LIAR-IN-CHIEF! oh man I could go on for day’s!


That is one of the best - and funniest - lines I have ever read about puddin’ pants.


You are more optimistic than I sir.


[quote=“Don102, post:1, topic:100166”]
THAT is a Pathological Liar’s way.

Also a compulsive liar as well. He just can’t help himself. It’s just his nature to lie due to inadequacy. He knows he is dumb and disliked and lies in an attempt to endear himself to others. It doesn’t work on people who are able to discern truth from fiction while recognizing someone who is not good at all at lying.

Sad. Can’t even succeed at bullshitting.