Let's just Clear the Air for a second folks... 'Let's use a CLEAR eye on 'The Party that DEMANDS Transparency!'

Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 emails. And Democrats looked the other way. Democrats seem fine with obstructing justice where it benefits them.

Fact: Pelosi and team turned down the National Guard when Trump offered. Because they couldn’t have people believing that Trump acted in order to assuage their unwarranted fears.

In short, Democrats couldn’t let it be perceived that Trump acted to protect them.

And as with all Leftist scandals, they pretend to want transparency while simultaneously covering their tracks.

Does anybody really believe that Democrats lost the data?

In what they called “the greatest attack on America since Pearl Harbor”, one would think they would preserve all data. Unless they have something to hide.

The party that demands transparency on everything offers none. Joe Biden won’t open his books, emails, phone messages, or anything. The reason is simple: he’s guilty. And when it comes to J6, the Democrats prefer the idea that they are crooks versus the reality that they are crooks.

You know the song that has the line: ‘I’m BLIND but now I see"?
You REALLY see the World CLEARLY when that first Bullet ( with your name on it!)
Goes Crackin’ past your head! Oh yeah! You REALLY know that your sphincter is up to snuff when that happens and your pants are still dry.
I see this world pretty clear these days and I don’t like it
This ‘Rules for thee and not for me’ crap is out of control
Most of you have that Clear Eye vision
Do you see the Country circling the drain as I do?
How can you expect US to survive when half the country say’s a Dementia patient

is 'Doing a great Job?

God bless America


The bigger, most disturbing question will come from my great grandkids.
“Mommy, daddy, how come grandma and grandpa didn’t try to save us?”.
“Well, kids, they were too scared to act in a manner that actually saved lives, they chose “hope” as a strategy. Now, do you want ketchup with your cockroach omelette? Just remember, grandma and grandpa were very good people and we love them very much!”


Probably served with a side of radioactive cheese.




I posted this on the Thread "American Society Collapsing This needs to be aired here.

Amid Growing Concerns Of Illegal Immigration; Noncitizen Appointed To San Francisco Elections Commission

Story by Sam Whisnant • 45m

Amid Growing Concerns Of Illegal Immigration; Noncitizen Appointed To San Francisco Elections Commission
©Provided by Guide 2 Free
The San Francisco Elections Commission, responsible for overseeing the city’s Department of Elections, recently got a new member who is also a noncitizen immigrant! Kelly Wong, an immigrant from Hong Kong, was the first noncitizen to be appointed to such a role. She aims to address the challenges faced by immigrants in fully exercising their voting rights, especially those who have limited proficiency in English.

San Francisco just hired an ILLEGAL CHINESE SPY to the Elections board…
Chinese are coming over the Broder in DROVES
Chinese have Bought and Paid for the US Resident/Liar-in-Thief
Chinese are buying up FRAMLAND (OUR American Farms)
Chinese have a (2) MILLION People ARMY!

Now folks I am trying to keep calm here, It is almost IMPOSSIBLE
If any AMERICAN needed MORE proof this country has been sold out to our enemies
BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! Then you deserve to be in the chains they will eventually put you in!

OH CRAP! Look at the faces in the photo she is ‘Pledging’ to…They are ALL CHINESE!
Coincidence! BAH!


America is a Failed State ! YUP!

Thomas Jefferson would NOT be PROUD, He would be disgusted.


What freaking voting rights do noncitizens have? They don’t. But libtrods are trying to give it to them. We are Fucked.


We are Brother! That is exactly right.
Once again the Evil plan is thrust right in our faces and few believe it!
CHINA again!
Yes, the Multi national Migrant armies are a serious threat to us but the REAL
in your face threat the Chinese are the one’s who may reap the rewards when the Fighting starts
the armed migrants against the America Militia (ooop’s I said an evil word there)
the dust will settle and the Chinese will move in. they are already buying up America!
carving up our land like we are a board game. I don’t think Taiwan is their GOAL, I think it’s US!
That’s where Pudding’s INFLUENCE PEDDLING was formed! Why would they give all that bread to
the Crime Family in order to take Taiwan? We are the biggest Goal. Why does Putin ‘make nice’ w/ the
Chinese? Because he knows they are a serious threat to EVERYONE!
We’ve waited too long.
Evil of all kinds are in our Wheelhouse.
IF and that’sa BIG IF we let the ‘Migrants’ Vote/Citizenship across the board, and IF we let the Chinese continue the Invasion unabated there will be more Foe’s against than we have friends and that will be the end of the Republic


In the meantime, the mayor of NY is handing out prepaid, taxpayer funded debit cards to illegals, while paying his friends 58M to administer the program, AND, the cards are even able to be used at foreign ATM’s!

So, come here illegally, get a free bus ride to NY, get put up in the Lincoln Hotel for free, and fed for free, then get a debit card with thousands of dollars, compliments of US citizens, so you can mail it back home before you ask for another. Do I have this all correct??? Are we really doing this, plus paying criminals in SF $300/month to promise not to shoot each other??? Is this all a bad dream?


Yeah, this is beyond Political Persecution my friend.
This is EVIL incarnate.
This is TREASON against America and it’s People



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