This is a Funny ATTACK Article but also the TRUTH! (81) MILLION Votes last time ? My A**!

Because I dig you guy’s I purposely didn’t include the (2) ‘Cow’s’ Pictures from the VIEW!
(But be forewarned when you open this up to read it Whooping Cough and Jot Brey-harrrrrrrrrrrr!
will be in your faces!----So please put on your anti-Demon-Cratic sunglasses before ‘VIEWING!’
Act accordingly!------Your Welcome :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Scathing comments on the Golden Conman.(Newsome)

“If his mouth is moving, he’s lying.”

“If there was one politician I thought would be WORSE than Biden, it would be Newsom”

But Newsom is not the target of my discussion; it’s Joe Biden. And the fake news media opened season on the old codger.

Take a look at the news search for “Joe Biden trouble”:
another excerpt:
Clearly Joe Biden’s presidency proved disastrous for America. But what’s most scary is that Democrats seem surprised by his failure.

Democrats appointed a senator with a horrible track record in politics as the VP for arguably one of the worst presidents in history. Add in Pelosi to the mix of the Obama and Biden, and essentially America would have been better off being led by The Three Stooges.

In the post-Obama era, even Barack Obama knew that his Number Two would be a disaster. Yes Barack, Biden did “figure out a way to fck things up*“. But thankfully America found sanity and put a competent president in office in 2016 to right the sinking ship Barry Obama.

THIS*********** is good stuff Now! Demon-crats EAT THEIR OWN!
As soon as the frying pan hits them in the head enough times they WAKE UP! and say SH**!
(and then revert back to their RAT-LIKE NATURE and scramble (or is that scurry? for the Life boats…
I Love this sh** !


“Now the bad news. Kamala Harris will become America’s 47th president.”

Not Funny!


That will never happen Brother.
Maybe she will visit Moscow and look out the window
of her hotel
(the Russians know how to deal with problem Politicians!)
It amazes me just how many stupid people still stand by/in front of a window over there
‘Hey Vladamir, Look at this?’ Vas? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!