No wonder dems want illegals to vote


Good Post Brother Darth (that just sound weird! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

I don’t know where to start but ‘I Agree’ with you totally 100%

Thanks for the Post. (are jaws hanging open as I speak? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We seem to be out numbered, however, they seem to be outgunned!


OH Damn!
Seriously Scott!
Does it come in Long Sleeve?


Don102 SIR BROTHER WAIT TILL !!! In range sir !! With an army !! As large as the criminals COMMIN across the border for the biden . Plan !! TO TOTALLY DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!! We must . Not waste any resources . WE MUST NOT MISS THE MARK . That IS . A MUST TO BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN !! NEVER MISS . Out ON OUR . OPPORTUNITYS !! AND WE MUST BE ALL WE CAN BE . I WANT TO BE A GREETER!!! FROM 2. TO 5. Ta,6, AND BE MY BEST FOR THE COUNTRY THIS COUNTRY THAT I SO LOVE SIR :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::chile::us::owl::feather::feather::100::100::100::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::bangbang::brick::brick::brick::brick::beer::notes::notes::sparkles:SIR LOVE Bobby Jean and Debbie ann and puppies SIR . Center . Mass​:latin_cross:SIR LOVE YA SIR

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Scott 52 AMEN BROTHER SIR .!! Seriously. !!! I AM SO PROUD TO BE IN THE COMPANY OF SUCH GREATNESS. SIR . :us::us::us::chile::heart::white_heart::blue_heart: I HAVE THE ROOT BEER AND POPCORN SIR :beer::popcorn::beer::brick::beer::brick::popcorn::brick::beer::popcorn::brick::brick::brick::100::100::100::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::notes::notes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: AND WE ALL MUST SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY AND DEFEND IT NO MATTER WHAT !! We ARE AMERICANS AND WE DONT RUN !! Hell I HAVE SCREWS IN MY KNEES . And STEAL PLATES A AN EXTRA ROUND . SO I JUST WEAR MY BOOTS KAZ I AM NOT RUNNING FOR . Office I LOVE YOU SIR SCOTT 52 Brother and . I AM STAYING THE COURSE BECAUSE . GOD HATES A COWARD AS DO I SIR . I THANK EVER AMERICAN :us: THAT DOES NOT JUST WATCH OUR COUNTRY BE GIVEN AWAY BY CRIMINALS LOVE Bobby Jean and Debbie ann SIR :us::chile::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::owl::feather::feather::100::100::100::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::popcorn::beer::popcorn::beer::us:

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Fight fire with fire!
However, confronting an arsonist/firefighter can be extremely dangerous!
On a regular basis they can appear normal and lead a normal life but should be considered psychopathically dangerous!

How an 81 year old “public servant” starts World War Three!

Case in point!



I’m on it Brother,
Thank you


Don102 sir. I HAVE YOUR SIX WE ALL NEED TO SHARPEN UP :bangbang::chile::us::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::brick::brick::brick::100::100::100::bangbang: SIR . Our country is headed for disaster . Right here in Texas :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: BIDEN WANTS TO CUT OUR RAZOR WIRE :popcorn::chile::us::heart::white_heart::blue_heart: THATS . Not how a president that took an oath to protect the constitution and our citizens from foreign invasion :bangbang::100: THATS TREASON . Venauswala has Already got a president biden is serving OUTHER country’s . Definitely not the one that he is supposed to be representing USA :us: he is confused about he was elected to serve America :us: not any other country’s ,:bangbang::owl::feather::feather:treason biden!!

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I have that T-Shirt. I am really praying that it doesn’t have to happen. I took an oath and that oath has never been recanted.


Y’all need to get out more often and talk to folks you don’t know. See what they think about now.

If we can get to them before they vote and convince them to make America great. This could backfire on the ones that want to distroy our country. Any realistic better ideas?

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OK, I’ll bite friend
Just what does John and Joan Q. Public think that we are missing?
And just which folks do you wish us to talk to?
last time I checked we were the folks.
Please enlighten us.

Asking for a friend

No step ona snek


Don102 that smelled like crap :poop: and you know that was MY GOD PLEASE PEOPLE WE ARE BEING INVADED BY FOREIGN countries. RIGHT NOW WE ARE IN MORE DANGER THAN EVER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION. AND IF TEXAS FALLS THE USA IS GOING DOWN NEXT. WAKE UP EVERY ONE THANKS SIR BROTHER . They just don’t get it we are being invaded by foreigners and they are going to kill us NO WORRIES I TOLD EVERYONE JUST NOW. LOVE Bobby Jean . :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::us::us::chile::chile::chile::chile::chile::chile::chile::bangbang::owl::feather::feather::brick::brick::brick::brick::beer::popcorn::beer::popcorn::brick::100::100::100::bangbang::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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Robert 1246 THATS A LITTLE LATE :alarm_clock: WE HAVE MORE FOREIGN PEOPLE THAN MOST EVEN RELIZE THAT WORD WE ARE SO GOING TO HAVE TO EARN OUR COUNTRY BACK BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND JUST LIKE IF YOU WENT TO THE BANK AND TRIED TO GET YOUR MONEY. AND THEY SAID YOU NO LONGER BELONG HERE . AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BLEAVE WTF SIR BOTHER LOVE Bobby Jean we are ALL GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED FROM OUR GOVERNMENT WAR IS INEVITABLE . So SAD . :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::heart::feather::feather::beer::beer::beer::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::beer::100::cherry_blossom::chile::us::dizzy::zap::zap::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:Bobby Jean​:feather::feather::owl:

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Giving up is not going to make it easier. Blaming the president isn’t going to make it easier. Getting the people on our side will make it easier. I know you can do it. You got what (the will) it takes to do that. These people have never know the freedom we have in America. Let us teach them how not to give it away. That is me. If you have a realistic better way I am all ears :ear: :ear::ear:/ eyes :eye::eyes::eye:.

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Love you brother my friend little bird Bobby Jean k

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Love you too big guy. I don’t think if President Biden thought all the boarder crossers were going to vote against him he would let them in. Then, I have been wrong before. Once.