The orchestrator of Tube Socks murder.

I was watching the news this morning and after thirty years and God knows how much money they finally bust this jabroni. He published a book admitting his guilt.Maybe ole Tube sock Shakur got a little justice because of an idiot.


Yup, saw that to. There seems to be a lot of idiots admitting to crimes in writing, on YT,
on silly social media and on and on. Kinda makes it easier for the Cops. :roll_eyes:


He has been known to have been in the car for many years ago as documented in the book Murder Rap by former LA police Detective Greg Kading. Keefe D Johnson was caught by a the biggie federal task force led by Kading because he was selling drugs and they thought he killed Biggie. And he offered a proffer agreement where he offered up his at that point dead nephew Orlando Anderson as the trigger man. Also he wrote a book and has been giving interviews for Years admitting to the fact. Duane Johnson and his crew provided security for people associated with Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy label when in LA to protect them from Suge knight and his mob Piru crew.

The reason he was talking about his part was because he believed he had immunity with the proffer deal he signed with that Greg Kading to talk about other crimes to not be charged with his drug dealing operation. They already thought he was a suspect to the BIG murder, and the drug charges was something they were leveraging on him to talk about the murders.

When the task force interviewed him, he was promised the would drop the drug charges. and anything he admitted over the murders, the feds would not use them against him. The police would have to prove it as if they did not have his confession, but he used his words against himself in a million interviews, and that gave the police grounds to use his own public admissions against him. 2019 autobiography book cove. All he had to do was never talk about it with anyone, but he chose to talk about him to earn that internet clout money.

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Why do you call him tube socks?