Drug dealer gets away with murder - soclal justice


What a message to the 17 y.o. muderer! He will surely never stab anyone again, maybe even will stop dealing drugs. Imagine how happy the teachers at his school are to have him back!


There will be a next time. :roll_eyes:


LA wants to be in the gutter too

LAPD Detective Says LA Not Safe: “don’t visit because we don’t think we can keep you safe right now.”

(Los Angeles, CA) — An L.A.P.D. detective is claiming the city is not safe for visitors. Detective Jaime McBride is president of the police union, the L-A Police Protective League. McBride and union leaders throughout the state are calling out Governor Gavin Newsom and progressive district attorneys, accusing them of advocating for criminals.

The ghetto people are out of control and woke politicians suffering from White Guilt (*) are exacerbating the problem.

  • see the book by Shelby Steele
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If I pocketed $billions of public money through grift and corruption, I’d suffer from guilt too.

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yes indeed my friend.