CRIME 360 Shows

Two relatively new series being shown here lately are JACKED and COURT CAM. The first is about units going after stolen cars and the thieves - the second is about bad behavior - even by judges - in courtrooms across the country. Has anybody noticed from watching 60 DAYS IN how disgustingly fat, out-of-shape, and even obese the COs are? The women appear repulsive, and even the sheriff could lose 20#. Don’t at least SOME law enforcement departments have WEIGHT restrictions in order to hold their jobs?


I see criminals go nuts when they get their sentence and all kinds of stuff that happens in the court room.
It’s interesting that people that are affected by a criminals crimes and violence are allowed to verbally assault the criminal in court. Too bad the turds are not publicly stoned to death, for real, bricks are inexpensive at Home Depo. No Capital punishment my ass. Easier on the taxpayer and easier on criminals, justice served for the victims.
Bad day at black rock.


After seeing my share of mobs and riots, I’ve developed my own draconian code of law and order - the touchy-feely approach just won’t work today. I would go as far as severely fining or sentencing the leaders of a group engaging in such behavior, trying to keep their noses clean to skate on criminal charges. I don’t care if you’re a lunatic, but you’d BETTER be a GOOD one!


Seems it’s getting harder to hire cops so they have made it pretty damn easy to get in.
I mean really, I’m 62 yo and I do more than these requirements 5 times a week, to warm up for training.


Better yet, a firing squad only costs ~$3.50 for 8 rounds of 9mm. Do it like they used to do hangings. Bad guy steps on a pressure plate, starts a timer and the trap door opened.

Already know the height and weight of the condemned. Have rifles pre-aimed where his heart would be, he steps on plate and bang. He kills himself.

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On 2nd though ; being burned at stake would be more of a deterrent.
It is the most painful way to die.