Wrongfully Charged

Personally I know the Utah District Attorney should be dufunded, as your treated guilty until proven innocent, Being my car got stolen, and my house got robbed by the same guy that chased me out of my house with a machete in the same day, right after being charged, then shorty released out of jail for defending my property in the same day ! ! !


WTF ?!?! And they wonder why normal folks snap.


Sounds like the gene pool could use a little bleach.


I flagged your post @Oliver_Jay , because if charges are pending it would be wise to avoid open internet discussion revolving around your situation.

I’m super glad your okay though! That’s all that matters!


I paid for a membership to get the word out, your just another fake good guy, tending to your slaves ! ! ! Randall318, also my names Oliver Jay Perry ! ! !

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@Oliver_Jay , Perry… Actually, I’m looking out for you bro!

You don’t wanna get the word out, but rather get the word in with your attorney!


Crazy to think I Oliver Jay Perry am the only guy that pays for everything, my car stolen and trashed, my house I’m buying wrecked by career criminals, my 9mm stolen from a locked safe, and my life threatened by the same guy I was charged by, the same guy that stole my car earlier, all this in the same day. Yet even when he was on an ankle monitor for being a violent offender, the stupid cops never caught Lincoln Morgan or charged him ever for all what he did to me… or his junkie girlfriend Rene Lynn Johnson that stole my credit card, 1K labtop, $300 PS4 etc…etc…etc… plus I can find my criminal record in search engines, and can’t find anything about Lincoln, that’s just insane ! ! ! Being he had been busted on at least a dozen other charges, it’s like does he have a terroist for a lawyer…how is all this shiiite possible ?..