The media is at it again

I dont in any way condone people sneaking illegal weapons into states or onto planes. I do however find it comical when the media mis labels stuff. Where can I find these so-called high powered magazines? Mine dint have nearly enough power.


Arsenal? that case must be a tardis.


Arsenal. Interesting take on the idea of one gun and some misc. ammo.


I really dislike the way that the MSM gets away with the words they use to pick and choose. Arsenal is a very loaded term implying an excessive amount of ammunition.

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Stupid. But typical of the media. They use ‘arsenal’ ‘weapons cache’, or ‘assault gun’ to sensationalize guns in a bad light. Plus the ever present use of ‘thousands of rounds of ammo’… Never mind that if you take a few classes a year and do some time at the range, a thousand rounds of ammo is nothing.

In the last few years, especially the last few months, my distrust for the media has increased exponentially.

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Surprised they didnt work the term fully semi automatic in there somewhere.

BTW, I have some of those high power magazines for my Browning Hi-power. That mousetrap spring on the back makes them fly out of the gun with some force!

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Media vs. news, right? We have just about no news available anymore. Everything is “like” driven.

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I looked up the specs on the magazines. They each produce 1.06 jiggawatts of power. Not quite enough to go back in time but close.


You’d have to go 94 mph to make up for the lost energy.



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The way the media reports: “He had a box with enough bullets to kill 50 people”.

Probably because of the ammo shortage. I have 50 kitchen knives. Don’t get me going on screwdrivers!


I had to give you a “like” (:+1: ) for that comment. LOL

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Are the magazines battery- or solar-powered?


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I know lots of gun owners who would read the article and remark,

“Arsenal? Amateur.”

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