The love for 1911

David- 65 wait tell you get a hold of a 1911 45acp with pacmar grips I have the wraparound type with figer groves and not only does it feel Great but gives you more control during recoil. Hope this might spark your interest.


Yeah it could have if I didn’t dislike finger grooves so much, lol


I do have 1 question. Planning on getting a 1911 4ish" 8 rounds ( because I have mags of 8 rounds) so does a 7 round really conceal any better?

The main plus I’ve seen out of the 1911 is how easy it is to shoot them accurately. That’s obviously a huge pro.

They’re beautiful guns. Taking care of one is a hobby which for me is a pro and a con. I’d still prefer to carry and defend myself with plastic but that’s what I’m more familiar and confident with. I do think the modern striker fire guns are more practical.

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I’ll let someone else answer, but from my experience were talking an extremely small difference. So yes but also no… maybe a little more than an 1/8th of an inch… I don’t know how it works, but that’s what I see when I compare my stock mag with an 8rd Wilson combat.


Are you talking about the difference between an officer frame and a full size frame? I ask because the traditional full sized 1911 mags were 7 rounds, many .45ACP full sized guns come with 8 round mags.

I find a full sized 1911 conceals better than my G45, an officer sized grip is pretty comfortable, and 9 rounds if you go with 9mm or .38Superb.

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same here i always wanted one also… and as soon as i can afford one, im getting it… i was looking into the 1911 ronin 3 in.( smallest 1911 ever made, awesome, but of coarse its not ALLOWED in cali… dont get it, but not On the(roster)… bumms me out. these dumb laws in cali. just affects the law abiding citizens thats it… criminals get what ever they want, and mag rds as big as they want… Carry Be Safe and GOD BLESS…

I have a fs 45 & flush fit mags of 8 rounds. Thinking I can get a ms that holds 8 rounds (flush fit). Guessing this makes ther grip the same size. Is that incorrect?

In my opinion, having a Bobtail Round would help with CCW. I have 4inch and 4.33inch 1911, the 4inch is the 9mm 10+1, and the 4.33inch .45 8+1. Both conceal Awesome with the right holster. None of mine have the Bobtail.


Not sure what you mean by ms. The officer grip size is smaller than the government model. Some flush fit mags are one round less than the ones that hang out of the gun a little bit. A magwell works good with those. But they make flush 8 round government mags for the .45.

And then there are extended mags, I have no experience with them.

Can get a little confusing.


A semi bobtail (regular main spring housing that has been rounded and blended into the frame) works pretty good too.

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If barrel… FS is full size ( 5 ish), MS is mid size ( 4 ish ") & CS compact size (3 ish) that said thanks to all for the answers you’ve been a real help…

Yes, 5" is Government, Commander is 4" or 4.25". But keep in mind, the grip can be officer sized or Government sized. Kinda like the Glock 17 vs Glock 45.

I got that wrong, the slide is different on the G17 and G45… I am confusing myself. :laughing:

The full size grip and slide is a Government model. Commander slide is 4-4.25". Several make a gun with a Commander slide and full size grip, some do the grip Officer sized, which is a bit smaller.

A Commander slide with a full size grip is my favorite, it seems to get back on target faster.


This video was absolutely great. The writer really found the words to evoke the emotions and respect that gun owners fully understand about this weapon for the ages.


It’s got everything you need, and nothing you don’t, all wrapped up in a slim package that points
very, very well, with a proverbial glass trigger launching 230 grainers and is as trustworthy as a pair of suspenders
What’s not to love?


I just took and older friend to buy a new carry he’s dumping his 45 and going to 9mm easier handling at his age and he doesn’t have to wear suspenders to hold up his pants.

Are you asking about the size of the pistol or the size of the magazine?
Sorry, my coffee was weak, this morning.

If you can replace the base pad you can save approximately 3/16”

I carry loaded (left) slim base pad for EDC, carry 2 spares (middle). For special and formal settings (weddings, bank heists) I go flush (right)!
Honestly, I don’t use flush mags, their bite is worse than their bark! Admittedly, these are 7 round in officer size grip.
Bank heists, just a joke folks! It’s a shame I have to clarify that in a country that has a First Amendment!

Interesting kits but for that price I would rather have a functional 1911 that I can make mistakes on or carve up as the case may be.

Here is the thread I started and have yet to finish

Perhaps it will give you some ideas.



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I do love the 1911, but I honestly wouldn’t trade my striker fire gun for one for self defense. The ease of maintenance is just so different. A 1911 is not exactly hard, but it’s harder than pulling a tap and pulling the trigger to disassemble wipe down and go. The care of the 1911 is like a hobby itself.