The KALITA ET-102 - BUY IT!!! TRY IT!!!

This is the last one on my list - an automatic pour-over Japanese design, and IMPORTED from Japan. I bought two of them just for the helluvit. It has a LONG power-cord, and a right-side, swing-out lid - the translucent water tank’s long siphon- or draw- tube is encased COPPER, and fixed to the front of the tank. The sturdy carafe is round and small, with a three-fingered handle. It uses their “Wave 102” clear plastic filter-basket, for manual use as well - other 102s can be had in glass or ceramic -and it PERFECTLY fits a #2 cone. Although the tank’s marked for 5 cups, the carafe is marked for 4 - don’t fill it up for more than 4 1/2. The performance is FANTASTIC - its powerful pump and fixed showerhead SHOOTS water into the grounds - and its brew-cycle is the FASTEST of any I’ve tried. FYI


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It’s on Amazon for $62 = I had to wait 7-10 days for it from the west coast.


OK. Once we started another coffee thread, let me ask this → what makes this one better than any other drip coffee makers? Why buy it and try it, spending $62, if the same result can be achieved spending only $6.99 at Walmart?


This most compact design, compared to other pour-overs, the COPPER heating element and encased siphon-tube. You can monitor the fast brew-cycle with the lid OPEN, eliminating steam condensation to mop up, and the extended lid on the carafe open, as well - while you watch the translucent water tank drain. If you want to argue PRICE, the 8-cup BRIM @ $156, or the hand-built, Dutch-made “MOCCAMASTER” @ $395 - don’t perform any better.

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But $6.99 Mr. Coffee does the same. :grimacing:
Dripped coffee is just dripped coffee. Cannot be better or worse. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“Dripped coffee is just dripped coffee. Cannot be better or worse. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My friend I’m going to disagree with you. Not all drip coffee it’s created equal. There is a specific temperature that coffee brews best at. The more consistent you can keep that temperature when the coffee is dripping the better the coffee. That’s why most coffee makers that have a reservoir to keep water preheated are preferred as well as their speed. Also if you use a wire basket instead of a paper filter the taste is different as not as many essential oils are removed. Of course that’s a personal preference as to the taste one way or the other. Grinding whole beans provides a different experience also. Every pot made with whole beans that you grind yourself tastes and smells like that first pot of coffee out of a newly opened can of grounds. Also coffee grounds pre ground that you buy in the store like Walmart are loud to have a certain percentage of other ingredients included which are usually Walnut shells as a filler up to 14% I believe is correct, allowed by the food Nazis.


Yeap, everything is a personal preference.
But still … dripped coffee is just dripped coffee. It is not the way how the coffee should be made, so spending more than $10 for such coffee maker is a waste of money.

Hey… don’t kill me for these words… :wink:

It’s the same discussion as comparing making tea techniques…

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Yup, that’s what I spent at Wallymart the other day, $10.00, my coffee tastes just fine. :grin:


Just fine…