Five-Cup Coffeemakers

Can you get a good coffeemaker for LESS than $100? The answer is YES - I’m in the middle of an extensive - and EXPENSIVE - testing and evaluation of 5-cup makers from $25-to-$80. A 5-cupper is the ideal size - it’ll easily serve 4 standard, 5 0z. cups, or 2 mugs, and will brew these 5 - or 25 oz. - within 5-7 minutes. I sampled makers from Mr. Coffee, Black and Decker, Elite Gourmet, Gevi, Krups, Holstein Housewares, Melitta, Amaste, and Zogirushi, plus a 10-cupper from Proctor Silex, a real steal for $20.80 - a really old maker that has to be 30-years-old. I bought them all on Amazon. ALL except one use a single switch, and all except one have the usual hotplate and spring-loaded brew-pause - I ditched this irritating feature - the only one that really works is the original design by Proctor Silex, mounted OUTSIDE, on the filter basket. I also ditched the “permanent”/“reuseable” filters - three of them readily used a standard 8-12 cup, basket filter - the rest used a #2 cone filter. I only use Melitta natural brown paper filters - I popped a filter in each, and ran a full five cups of water to give each an initial cleaning, and to make sure the level marks on the fill windows matched the level marks on the carafes. I’m still waiting on the Melitta to finish. FYI

Out of idle curiosity, are you a coffee pot salesman?


I’m not sure what a kettle and a strainer cost, but I’m sure it’s less than $100, and it’ll make better coffee than any machine.

One time cost - $20… Lifetime warranty :wink:
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OK… since we’re talking about coffee makers you can get this beautiful one :point_down:

for a really great price. Please message me and for $5 I will send you a link to download 99% discount coupon… :crazy_face:

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Bunn. 'nuff said. Don’t think they make one person coffee makers though.


Moka pots and Turkish coffee makers well below your ceiling. Both produce excellent results. It’s really all about the beans you see.

NO - I’m not a salesman - after I wore out the SWITCH on my Black and Decker DCM0600B after seven years of heavy use, I decided to see what was out there in the latest features and designs.

For me, an important feature is an easy to use timer. When I leave early in the morning that coffee needs to ready to drink before I head out the door.
I always prep it the night before and it starts automatically while I am in the shower.

I simply use Folgers classic roast. Been my fave for many years.

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