The Fastest Gun In Coffee-Land

If you hard-core coffe-hounds want your morning jolt as fast and hot as I do, and don’t mind going to a 4-cup maker, shop the Zojirushi (“zo-gee-roo-shee”/“elephant brand”) Model #EC-GB40-TD. The company’s logo is an elephant with its trunk half-raised, and has been in business since 1914, making vacuum bottles and small kitchen appliances. This maker is a pour-over that comes in dark brown, with a removable, translucent reservoir, the company’s replaceable activated charcoal filter that’s warranted for 2 years, and a LONG power-cord. At $60-$70 it’s not cheap, but it’s VERY compact, and the FASTEST maker I’ve found. It begins to brew within 10 seconds, and after 1 cup, the grounds are fully saturated and ready to de-gas. Remember to turn it OFF after the brewing cycle ends, or you’ll have burnt, ruined coffee if you walk away from it! I’ve been using mine constantly since March - the company’s current website doesn’t show this or other models except those with stainless finishes, so shop by the model number, even on Amazon.

Dripping coffee maker? Nope. It will never give a good coffee. It can be fast, it can be compact, it can have very long power cable… but still never give a really good coffee.
$7 Walmart coffee maker vs $70 Elephant coffee maker $70? Same taste result. :thinking:

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Tchibo. No compromises. And don’t forget…garbage in - garbage out. It’s the beans!