S&W 442 - Best speedloaders?

I’ve scoured the internet and these appear to be the best functioning speedloaders for my 442 Airweight.

I have a cpl Buanchi speed strips but, I personally can get no “speed” out of them.

Now, the odds of me carrying for EDC and actually needing to use a speedloader of any sort for this revolver is probably about 0.0001%.

BUT, my desire to reload the thing faster while shooting targets is pretty dang high. I “just wanna” ok?

I saw these being touted, but goodness that’s expensive outta my budget for non EDC…

Speed Beez, $38 each?! No way. Safari land and 1 other company I saw has speedloaders to work, and the only complaints I saw for them was they bumped on the grip while trying to insert into the cylinder. I can handle that inconvenience.

What do u folks use? Anyone?

Safariland Comp 1 speed loaders for 442 and 642 hands down.

5 Star make very nice loaders.


HKS works fine for me. Holds securely, relatively inexpensive and is readily available.
I always kept three on my duty belt (in another life) and never had a failure during training and quals, where they get dropped and sometimes kicked or stepped on. It they did break(they never did,) my wallet wouldn’t shed any tears.

Well @Smiddy, you got the recommendations for the three speed loaders that I know about. I am not familiar with the brand of speed strip that you referenced, but Grant Cunningham (who wrote two books about revolvers) talks about the in-line speed strips and suggests that you use the 6-round strips but put two in at the end opposite the thumb tab, leave an empty space, then two more. Holding the thumb tab, load two at a time. Two at a time are easier to load in a circular chamber, and 4 out of 5 ain’t bad, as they say.

Also, I saw an add for a speed strip that staggered the six round-holders. I haven’t tried it myself, I can’t remember the brand name, or where I saw it advertised. Sorry.

UPDATE: See ad at bottom of page 60 in the latest issue (May/June) of CCM.

Finally, you might want to consider what some call the New York Speed Loader: a second, loaded backup revolver :slight_smile:

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Safariland and HKS have models listed for the 5 shot S&W snubs. I have these two brands for my 66. Although I prefer the Safariland push design, I prefer the HKS for belt carry, as I use them with a Desantis speed loader pouch which places half of the loader behind your belt, reducing printing… I don’t think it would work with a 5 shot speed loader though. There might be other brands that work in this manner for a 5 shot.

Neither of these two speedloaders are expensive. IMO, you might want to pick up one of each, practice, and see which one you prefer. You should be able to get each for around $10 on the Ama-zone. I tend to carry a speed strip whether I have a speedloader or not. I usually see the HKS speedloaders locally at Cabelas and gun stores.

I’ll also mention that there are some speedloader loaders, too. I have no experience with them.

Thx for the replies ya all. Like I said, I’d likely never ever use a speedloader in a defensive situation - this revolver is my backup to my backup after all.

What I’m looking for is what works best for target shooting reloads. I’ll try a few of the less expensive ones and see how it goes…

@bulldog thx. Duly noted.

Did you get the “we the people” edition?

I haven’t tried the speed strips, but I looked at them and thought they seemed pretty pointless.
I have used the “seen-everywhere” HKS Speedloaders, I personally like them.
I don’t expect to be Jerry.
My revolver reloads are certainly 10x longer than his.

If you want a smooth feed of a Safariland Comp1 into that 442 put Hogue Bantam grips on it. No interference at all. My Comp 1’s drop right in. Nice palm swell on the grip. Fired many .38 +P with it. Thats a 642-1 no lock.

I use the Speed Beez for my LCR, because some of the others supposedly don’t quite fit. I have used it considerably at the range, and kept in my pocket without any problems. If I have to spend a few bucks extra to know something will work when I need it, I have no problem.

I’d never heard of this brand, but since they’re CNC machines aluminum vs plastic, these are what I’ll try 1st…if Amazon EVER delivers them. Like a 2 week wait for these somehow. Grrrr

These are Pachmayr/Lyman speedloaders (although your link is two bundeled up together). You might want to compare prices with other vendors. Additionally, you might want to check out the reviews: Pachmayr 02650 J Frame Speedloader Reviews.

For the record, I like Pachmayr grips.

Thank You. I’m hoping very badly these two merely work. If so, I’ll not likely ever buy another speedloader in my life cause I have but the snubby, and unless I win a Colt Python or similar, will never have another wheel gun most likely.

I have historically been an HKS fan, but they don’t carry well in a pocket. Speedstrips pocket well, but I don’t like that the rounds are unprotected. So I’ve gone with the Quickload Striploader and Quickcase. You can load a cylinder with just two presses, so faster than a speedstrip. The case means the rounds are solidly protected in my pocket.

They also make traditional speed loaders, but I’ve never tried them.

I’d watch the aluminum against your finish…