Revolver reloading speed

Hi, any training videos on becoming a quicker revolver reloader when shooting? Pretty sure there’s some on YouTube but I wanted to ask here bc of the collective knowledge. Wasn’t there a seminar at the Pittsburgh convention last year? Thanks for your time ~ Peace

Practice, Practice, Practice. Or Jerry Miculek on YT, if you can see his hands move. LOL :wink:
P.S. I use speed loaders and so does he. :+1:


It’s an old video, but I try to do it like Massad Ayoob shows in this video (he talks about it at 2:26 in the video). I don’t know if he’s modified his technique since then, though. I think he is using the Safariland Comp 3 speed reloaders:


Thanks for sharing it, @Scotty.

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Just curious, do you have a revolver already or are you looking at getting one? Reason I ask is speedloaders can be fast, but moon clips are faster. They are a spring steel that clips in the extractor grove on the case and holds a full cylinders worth. It does a couple things. First, as all the cartridges are held together, ejection from the cylinder can be more reliable as there is no chance of a sticky case staying in the cylinder. They are either all in or all out. Second, they are faster to load as you just drop the whole thing in the cylinder. No knobs to twist, no buttons to push, nothing to remover from the cylinder. Just drop and go. The disadvantage is that a cylinder must be cut to accept them. S&W and Ruger both have models pre-cut. Or if you find that the model that you already have has them readily available, a good gunsmith can cut them. I could go on, but let me know if you want to know more and I can elaborate. Give me a little time and I can get some pictures of how it works as I have a couple cut and use them regularly.



@BRUCE26, Jerry is the Bruce Lee of the shooting sports.


Just do this: Fastest shooter EVER, Jerry Miculek- World record 8 shots in 1 second & 12 shot reload! HD - YouTube

I would like to learn how to reload a revolver fast. Just don’t have one.


Yes I have a Taurus UL 856 38

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Whoa…dudes fast