An excellent video worth watching

When I can’t sleep or have nothing better to do I watch training videos from numerous well respected trainers as well as watching and evaluating SD shooting videos.

I came across this one tonight that really does a great job of explaining not only the physical things that affect accuracy, and to a lesser degree speed, but also the mental and physiological aspects as well.



I thought this was a very well done presentation. I think it would be a perfect tool to introduce novice handgun owners to training. Short and to the point. Nice find.

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That is a most wonderful video. Thanks for posting it.

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We use the word “flinch” probably too broadly in reality.

I have done a lot of long range rifle work with heavy recoiling magnums for several decades and what I see more often than not is that it’s not the recoil, but the response to the anticipation of the recoil and muzzle blast/flash that is really what leads to the physical flinch response.

He has, at least as far as I’m concerned, really nailed it with his approach to explaining it and how to conquer it.

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I went out and tried it today. Very impressed with the results from 5 yards. Shot 40 shots with Glock 19. I have been doing a lot of dry fire training, but trigger reset definitely feels different with the live round in the chamber compared to the trigger simply breaking when you go to far.

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I married a gal so afraid of the blast and flash she literally closes her eyes every time she pulls the trigger but somehow she’s still a very good shot with a shotgun.

She would hunt with a little stubby Stevens side by side 20g and was just hell on ducks but I bet we had fifty pictures of her and lots of video where you could clearly see that once she had her swing and lead established she’d shut her eyes like she was shuddering with fear just as she pulled the trigger.

She was pretty fair with a revolver but I never trusted her with a Semi Auto as a result since I could never train it out of her.