Charter Arms Professional

So we all have heard about the Charter Arms Professional (something I’m interested in since my wife has put a $450 budget on my gun buying :joy::joy:).
Now I’m new to the world of revolvers. I know some people say they can’t jam or are less likely to jam than a semi auto I should say.
But in order to reload a revolver quickly, don’t you need a speed loader? And if so… Then where’s one that fits the Professional? Does anybody know of one that would fit the Professional?


Charter arms website has them in there products by hks.

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@luke_ouellette I have used HKS speed loaders for many years and recommend them, I have 4 in use right now. Don’t forget the speed loader case, double or single. :+1:


Don’t forget that you can match your color if you get a Lavendar lady, or Chic lady

In .38 not .32. tho considering the .32 is 100th of an inch smaller… Would it work for a .38 speed loader? You just would have to manually load the 7th cylinder…

for what it is worth this late after your post…I had a charter arms southpaw. Took it to a gun club for a self defense class, at the end after about 100 plus rounds the gun would not fire as all of the screws in the frame came loose. Traded it in the next day for a S & W M & P and have never looked back…