QuickLoad Speed Loaders Strip Loader

Time takes it’s toll on gear. On the trail for the search for revolver speed loaders, I started with Bianchi Speed Strips. I have one remaining which I thought about pressing into service for CCW duty however most of my training was with HKS in the big revolvers we carried at the academy and in the SO, so I picked up the smaller understudies of those when I started carrying a Centennial. I have never had an issue with HKS----never—but for CCW, they are bulky, especially if I’m carrying more than one.
I toyed with going back to Bianchi speed strips but I found them considerably slower, perhaps attributable to my own lack of proficiency, but maybe not. Besides, do I load 5 or do I load 6? It seems a poverty not to carry all the ammo I can, but reloading a single round under duress----that can’t end well even if I’m able to reload again.
That’s why QuickLoad Strip Loaders attracted my attention (I saw an ad in Concealed Carry)
More compact than my HKSs, I’m thinking, faster than Bianchis (3-2 sequence as opposed to 2-2-1)
As fast or as close as the HKS? I’ll have to give’em a test and see, but until then I thought I’d you folks what your experience with QuickLoad strip loaders compared to HKS has been like? Good? Indifferent? Pass on them?
I probably should have asked here before I ordered a two-pack :roll_eyes:

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My revolver takes 6, but the belt pouch I use won’t work for 5 (Bianchi Agent Slim Speedloader Pouch). However, similar to my setup, if you wear a belt and something that covers it, there are speedloader holsters that place the speedloader above the belt, such that the bulk is sort of reduced by half. I will try to find pictures of examples:

Jox Loader Pouches:

Crossbreed Speedloader Pouch:

Another option…

Galco Walkabout Holster:

Stumbled across this on YT. Has any one seen these? Where they even brought to market? Pretty cool.