Do You Like Your New Charter Arms Professional Reolver?

Mine seems just the right size and weight for 3 o’clock IWB carry. It disappears and hugs tight in a leather IWB holster from Muddy River Tactical. The holster seems priced about 20% more than it should be, so I almost sent it back. However, as I realized how well the gun carries and does not print, I kept the holster and it is the only holster I use with this gun.

Having 7 rounds on board is a true bonus. And 32 H&R Magnum performance is pretty much on par with most 9mm cartridges, so the caliber exceeds acceptable.

Question … How do you owners of this revolver like the way it shoots? Specifically, recoil, reliability and accuracy?


I’d buy one IF it was in .327 Fed Mag. The .32 H&R is “ok”, but certainly no powerhouse. Ruger used to build some nice single actions built on the single six frame and they were fun little guns. The 327 on the other hand gets close to 357 performance. Not quite, but close…

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I would like to shoot one of these. I don’t currently own a revolver for carry.

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