Best 9mm

Mail call today, possibly the best 9m ever built for racing arrived! I own and built 1911’s, Stacattos, a CZ Tactical Sport Orange, a Tanfoglio Witness Stock II Elite, but none of them achieve the pure speed and accuracy of the Checkmate Parrot. :parrot:I will also say it’s FAR better than any of my Sig pistols, any of my FN pistols, any of my Walthers, any of my Berettas. It’s better than my FK BRNO PSD!!, It’s better than my Hudson H9, my S&Ws, basically it’s the best pistol I own out of all of them.
This gun is SO fast, SO accurate, SO flat, SO nice, if you can get one, GET ONE, REALLY.
No seriously Folks, it’s a whole different ball game. I own a hand built Wilson Combat Springfield Operator TRP that is very very smooth, so smooth it’s not funny, but my new :parrot: is better.



Good luck finding AIWB holster for it…
Just kidding…
Congrats. Looks really nice.
What’s the actual difference between this one and TSO?


Very nice looking piece.
Ignorant question here: what is the lavender screw sticking out the right side? Is that used to rack the slide?

Impressive looking piece overall :slight_smile:


The TSO has a full length dust cover, a standard hammer, no compensator, and isn’t completely hand assembled. The TSO does have hand honed slide and frame though. Basically the TSO is the mid tier and the Checkmate is the top.
The TSO is absolutely accurate, but the complaint from most is that it has very little frame rail to grip so cocking is hard for some. The Parrot has the purple slide racker. I bought the TSO last year and actually shot a match with a perfect score 360/360 every shot was a bullseye. The :parrot: adds a level of speed and comfort to that bullseye accuracy so worth the extra $1800. TSO cost me $1900.00 the :parrot: was $3499.00 usually $3899 retail. Gun Brokers is awesome!!


Yes Sir a slide racking device, as the frame mounted sight and sight rail block the slide.


Awesome. Now I know you are talking about. :+1:

Two years ago I was on CZ Demo Day and got 3 shots for each handgun.
I love whole 75 platform… but TSO makes a difference.

Those were my shots from TSO. Small duckling was really far away :wink:


That is a very nice piece of hardware brother.


@GhostDragon907 AWESOME!


Love CZ’s. Mine have consistently been some of The most accurate and easiest shooting pistols I’ve ever used, and I’ve got a LOT over the last five decades.



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That’s a rock and roll monster!

Makes me think of a Les Paul!

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