Which one is better

the 2 choices are SAR SAR9X CK 9MM 4.4" 17RD BLK/PLT and the Sar USA P8SST P8S Compact 9mm Luger 3.80" 17+1 Stainless Steel Black Polymer


There is no better or worse.
These two handguns are completely different models with completely different design and different experience given to the shooter.

SAR9 X is a striker fired, polymer frame handgun with “Walther PPQ-ish” feel.
P8S is a hammer fired, steel frame handgun designed based on CZ75 Compact pistol.

You cannot compare them.

Below you can have few tips… they don’t help you make a decission at all: :wink:

  1. Choose SAR9X if you:
  • trust more in striker than hammer
  • prefer lightweight polymer handgun
  • like blade safety type trigger
  • hate external safety mechanisms
  1. Choose P8S if you:
  • trust more in hammer than striker
  • prefer mid-weight full steel handgun
  • like DA/SA trigger
  • like to carry cocked&locked

I saw videos on both and they are both well constructed guns. One American made and one made in Turkey, It depends on your preferences as @Jerzees mentioned. IMHO you can’t go wrong with either. I prefer a striker fired but don’t object to hammer fired.