Looking for a new pistol with certain features

Now that the pandemic stuff is winding down I’m thinking its time for a 9mm handgun. I’m asking the community since there are some options I saw today at a gun shop.

I was shown two taurus handguns with decocker one with an internal hammer and the other with an external hammer.

Criteria for an EDC 9mm

Reliably goes bang when I press the trigger whether its good ammo, cheap ammo or hot ammo.

Thumb safefy/decocker or just thumb safety


Not much larger than a PPK/s so I can conceal in almost any situation.

Ability to take extended magazines.

Solid build, I have a ppk and like the build quality, some plastic guns feel cheap.

Don’t care too much about striker or hammer as long as the rest of the criteria fit. I’m aware that striker doesnt normally have a decocker per say but there are some that have a similar system for striker fired guns.

Hopefully this is not an unreasonable list.


I’m not in the market now, so if I may live vicariously through you. Some humble ideas. The search is half the fun.

Not with all your features, but instead of plastic frame, I noticed some Kimbers’ description reads as aluminum. I once had a Kimber Micro 9, great quality, but personally I didn’t like the high recoil. Some of their Mako’s are in “recall”.

I see a lot of 3" barrels, but I worry bout their recoil.

Would a 4" barrel be concealable enough for you?

Would a 1911 be one you’d consider?

The Kimber below does not have the plastic frame, I think from the looks it has a thumb safety also, why on earth they don’t say so on the ad is odd, I think it’s 8+1, but not sure if after market higher cap mags exist, it’s not as short as a micro and not too long thus helping to conceal. If you are right handed, your search will be easier.

Brother, when I was in the market, I got 2. Why? Cause it was in the height of the inflation of 2020, and so my ideal arm had me a year + on the wait list, so I also got one that was available “like now”. :blush:

One trade off, carry two spare mags at all times? IDK.

Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm Stainless Steel 3":

Sig with a safety, steel, 10 + 1, not a 1911, half the price:


@Burdo I’m 6’1" so 4" is probably as large as I would go on barrel. 1911s are nice but their capacity is too low IMHO. I like DA/SA better since adrenaline in SD situation DA would give a good buffer on that first shot. I got my ppk because it literally was all there was within a 50 mile radius and the only ammo left was 380. At one point I was looking at the P365-380 since I have 1k 380 rounds and selling all guns and ammo to restart on another caliber kind of hurts tbh since id be losing money when reselling except maybe not on the PPK.


I’m not a big DA/SA fan though I do own a Sig P220 in .45 and it is a very well built and accurate pistol. If I was gonna go for a 9mm DA/SA I would start by looking at a Sig or CZ though I don’t know if they make a version as compact as you may be looking for.


You might take a look at the SAR-USA Model B6C. It is a polymer frame gun but does not feel flimsy at all. It is DA/SA, comes with (2) 13 round magazines, and has a 3.8" barrel. I currently own the full size version and it has proven to be a solid, reliable, and accurate pistol. The price is right, too.

PS: Also has a thumb safety.


For DA/SA good quality and reliable pistol I would go with SIG P229 or CZ P-07.

I’m actually fan of SAO firearms, so my experience with these two was limited to few months only, but both are really great compact size handguns I would trust the most.


Thanks for all your suggestions I’m going to look into all of these


I have had experience with two Taurus hand guns the PT709 and the G3c. The 709 has digested any type of ammo including steel case for several thousand rounds with out a single hiccup, and the G3c seems to be of the same reliability. You could do worse then a Taurus. :us:
Con- I don’t like the “second strike capability”. I just don’t see the point and it really messes with the trigger on the 709.


walther makes a good 9mm compact… PPQ and PPS models…

very good trigger on most of these!!! plus a decocker that makes a harder first round pull…

which helps avoid accidental discharge…


DA/SA, 17+1 9mm rounds, Ambi thumb safety/decocker, Ambi mag release, Ambi slide release, 4" barrel, external trigger, 1913 rail, highly reliable, … I think this might tick most, if not all of your boxes:

FNX™-9 | FN® (fnamerica.com)

I’ve owned the 40 S&W version for over 10 years - it has NEVER had a jam nor misfire.


If you’re really after a DA/SA and a safety, I’d get a CZ. Maybe an FN or Walther, but that’s about it, and probably a CZ



Let us know what you find. Seems like you’re ready to roll with your criteria.


I normally don’t answer these inquiries, but here’s my 2 pennies.

There is a lot of hype for expensive guns like hellcat, sigs, glocks and the like. If a person chooses these firearms that’s great. However, the guns like the Taurus 2Gc, and 3gc rate right up there with the expensive guns. My only issue with DA/SA is my EDC carry is a Ruger SR9, so when I go to my 2Gc, the trigger pull is VERY different and takes getting use to, BUT, the 2gc is still quality at a reasonable price.

I am NOT slamming anybody or any firearm preferences… I just gave my opinion.


My two cents, Glocks are not expensive guns.

And if you might buy multiple over the next few years, sign up for the GSSF as a 3 year member and you get one pistol purchase coupon per year, which gets you blue label pricing from participating dealers

Granted that doesn’t apply to the OP of this particular thread as Glock specifically has no DA/SA lol

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You will probably get a hundred different opinions here. There are a few other threads that cover this subject I believe, so dig around on the community page. I tell people when showing them different firearms that it is important that it fits your hand well. Some firearms I have to stretch to reach the trigger, or the grip is fairly large. Some of the items below may be too small for some hands. They do conceal well though.

You mention 9mm and I have small hands and really like the following. I have shot all of these and would carry any one of them:
• S&W Shield and Shield Plus (13rds)
• Springfield Hellcat - 13 rds with 15 rd magazine available
• Springfield Hellcat Pro - 15 rds
• Sig 365 XL - 12rds (I think)
• Tarsus G3c or G2c - 13rds
• Glock 43X - 10rds (I think)
• Ruger Max 9 isn’t too bad either

I work part time at a gun shop/range and I suggest that people try these out first. Some people just come in and buy something, then a few months later they come back to have the store buy the gun back. Interesting the number of used guns coming in that have not been shot much.


Nice one Gary. I respect those who prefer heavier trigger. For me, I worry about giving up a lil bit accuracy for the heavier trigger, but if one is a skilled aimer, and or if test fired a rental, particularly that very first round, and if he/she is happy and skilled, then “hats off” to them.


P365-10 rounds, 3.1 in barrel, 17.8 oz
P365XL-10/12/15 rounds, 3.7 in barrel, 20.7 oz
G45- 17 rounds, 4.0 barrel, G17 grip w/G19 slide, 24.4 oz
G19- 15 rounds, 4.02 in barrel, 23.6 oz
G43- 6 rounds, 3.4 in barrel, 18 oz
G48- 10 rounds, 4.1 in barrel, 20.7 oz
G43X- 10 rounds, 3.4 in barrel, 18 oz
(shield arms sells a 15 rnd magazine)
G26- 10 rounds, 3.4 in barrel, 22 oz
Walther PPQ- 15 rounds, 4 in barrel, 25 oz
Walther PPS- 6 rounds, 3.2 in barrel, 20 oz
Walther CCP- 8 rounds, 3.5 in barrel, 20 oz
Bersa BP9CC- 8 rounds, 3.3 in barrel, 22 oz
SA Hellcat- 11/13 rounds, 3 in barrel, 18.5 oz
Kimber Mako- 11/13 rounds, 3.7 in barrel, 20 oz
S&W Shield Plus- 10/13 rounds, 3.1 in barrel, 20 oz
HK VP9SK(my favorite)- 10/13/15 round, 3.4 in barrel, 23 oz
HK P30(SA/DA)- 15 rounds, 3.8 in barrel, 26 oz
HK P30SK- 10/13/15 rounds, 3.3 in barrel, 24 oz

I have owned/own all these at one time or another, and carried them all as an EDC.
It’s all up to your personal preference in grip(some have extra back straps and palm swells), how many rounds do you want to carry, how are you going to carry(OWB IWB AIWB), what belt do you plan on using, and holster.
Safety and decocker with a completely adjustable grip with an excellent trigger? HK
My Glocks, HK’s, Walther, Bersa, and SA will eat all kinds of ammunition. Even the subcompact Sig, my P320 RX on the other hand would eat pretty much everything EXCEPT Sig Sauer V-Crown, Jammed all the time


That is a really spot on review @Burdo :+1: The grip angle is identical my 1911s, so switching back and forth is very easy. My FN is the 1st generation FNP, not the FNX.

It is kind of ironic the stainless steel slide costs more than the matte finish slide on so many pistols. They are the same exact slide except one is coated and one is polished :smiley:


Prices are down as I paid $983 for a new Ft Smith PPK in 380 which is better than nothing but lesson learned. Try to stock up before SHTF or you will literally pay for it.


Going to the indoor range today hopefully to try the ones that everyone suggested if they have them and that match my criteria.