New to the game!

Trying to decide what pistol to get. Retired and on a budget is not good when you want to buy a pew pew! I live in Massachusetts so it’s a whole lot harder to figure out! I really like the S&W’s but I also like the Taurus G3C. Help?

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I personally like the 9mm ez from Smith and Wesson it the right size for EDC and is very easy to load and rack.
Just a very good habnd gun all th way around


That’s what my father in law has and is trying to steer me towards. :+1:t2:

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More requirements, please. (I used to live in MA!)

My shopping list covers pistols from Glock, H & K, and S & W - at the TOP is the "Baby Eagle III " (3rd generation) from Magnum Research - these are made in Israel by BUL Armory, and offered in 9mm. .40 S & W. and .45 ACP - in all-steel and polymer, and in full and semi-compact models. Shop carefully for what you want, and be thorough. Add Sig Sauer and Walther, too.

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Welcome… I’ve seen you were interested in the Taurus G3c? It’s a great pistol and very affordable too. I have/had the G3c with some goodies added to it like, a 15rd mag with sleeve, steel spring and it’s been super reliable. Worth every penny I’d say. I was just at my local FFL shop just a few mins ago. And they have a lot in stock. They even have the G3 in stock with a $319 tag you can’t beat it. $400 bucks would get you something to protect yourself and possibly ammo with it. Check around and get what’s best for your needs. For me the best bang for my bucks? Canik tp9 DA, Taurus G2c/G3c/G3, M&P sport 2 AR, and my special baby? S&W
M-lok B5 5.56 Saint AR. But then again I lost it all in a boating accident :neutral_face:


Unencumbered by requirements :slight_smile:

To carry, I’d say Walther PPS

Full size I would say Walther PPQ or Sig P229

For fun, cheap shooting, Something from Ruger (Mark #, SR22, 10/22)

Yeah… let see how many S&W and Taurus owners we are having here… That can be your answer…

I’m “M&P enjoyer” to I say - go with S&W.

so go with Taurus.

But seriously, you cannot beat the price for Taurus G3c. And it is still THE BEST pistol below $300 :point_up:


Hahaha thanks!


S&W would be my first choice. Don’t overlook the SD9VE. Also, for the budget minded, the Ruger Security 9. One last thought, don’t overlook used guns, especially Police Trade ins. S&W lifetime warranty is transferable. A little cleaner, and at worst, a spring and guide rod can turn a used gun into a like new gem.


I’d suggest watching a few videos on proper pistol grip, and then going out and renting a bunch that fit what you think you’re looking for on paper. I’d also suggest that a pistol without a light rail, and to a lesser degree optics support, might not be worth looking at. Sometimes a pistol that checks all the boxes in your head is absolutely awful, to you, once you run several rounds through it. Others are sweet to shoot, but as soon as you try some weapons manipulation you figure out that it’s clunky to handle in your hands.

After that consider accessory availability. It’s going to be really frustrating if you pick between two pistols and choose the one that it’s hard to get holsters, compatible optics, lights, etc. for.


Oh yeah I’ve been doing research online and watching tons of videos! All I need to do is hit the range and rent some different models to try!


On a budget, look at Ruger line of firearms.



Welcome to the group. Rather than throw a bunch of Models & Calibers at you, I’m going to suggest you go to a range that has rentals. Try out the guns in your price range and see what fits you hand & budget. Not to mention the size if you are going to carry.


Cool thanks!

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I would go for S&W M&P line. If we’re talking S&Ws budget lines, I’d say it’s a toss up. The Taurus is a great gun, for a really good price.

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Stoeger makes the STR 9 in both compact and full size. Only down side is it is relatively new so little to no aftermarket.

For the money it is hard to beat.

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You should start with a 1911. You’ll be glad you did.