AVOID These Two 5-Cup Coffeemakers!

If you’re shopping for 5-cup coffeemakers, avoid the Elite Gourmet “Maxi-Matic” - this is a copy of the Mr. Coffee “Mini-Brew” - although it performed well, its horizontal showerhead connection is flimsy, and it’s put together with Phillips screws. The Commercial Chef is the other - like the Tredy I posted about earlier, the Chef can only function with the cheesy basket filter it comes with - it has a clear, detachable funnel for pour-over brewing with a small drain hole for this option, but photos of it show what a lousy design it is. If you try to use a standard, 8-12 cup paper basket filter, you’ll have to really jam it in there to fit, and the drain hole will cause it to overflow. FYI


Another anti coffee thread… :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:

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I do K-cups. It works just fine for me. Can’t even relate to the coffee pot anymore.

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Put yourself out of misery and just bite the bullet and get a Tchibo.

Coffee is part of my morning start up. Used to have a T shirt given to me that had Garfield on front. It said is there life before coffee. I say yes but coffee enhances it though lol: us:

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