The first 2024 debate

Okay, this sham has to end. We’ve been sold a bill of goods. If you can’t see the hollow shell that biden is, you may have already had the same lobotomy.

Our country is rudderless on the surface, and more frightening, barry the usurper is in his third term.

Mad as hell the party of ruin has left our Country so utterly vulnerable.


The Good Doctor wants to be Queen of D.C. :roll_eyes:
/s Fixed it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Took me awhile, but I get it. Dr. Kevorkian had less deaths on his hands. Elder abuse. Threw me off with “good”.


Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and hear liberals and their intellectual dishonesty on display. :upside_down_face:


I actually thought Biden sounded more coherent than any of the other times I have heard him speak over the past several of years.

But the left wing media seems to all of a sudden be freaking out. It’s like they’ve never heard all the gobbledygook coming out of Biden’s mouth for the past several years.

Or more likely it is a concerted effort to pressure Biden to get out of the race so they can put up a more electable candidate. The only problem is that the “better” candidate they will throw in the ring is likely going to be someone like Newsome or Clinton:(




OK Shamrock, now you’re turning up the humor. Got any more one liners?


But who is the shadow team…and will they vote for them?


As I watched that Biden train wreck, I wondered if it would trigger the use of Article 3 of the 25th Amendment.

Then I thought, maybe that is exactly what the DNC wants.


And that leaves us with Harris :nauseated_face:

I’m not sure which is more frightening.


When Kamala picks Hilary as VP. That is what would be more frightening.


OMG, I hadn’t considered that option :flushed:


I am tired of the Bull***t that comes out of these 2 guys, If you have been paying attention to the last 8 years. I had the best 4 years in making money under Trump and I have watch my little nest egg go away under Biden. Everybody sees it happening. You have to be blind not too. We all know there was motivation behind the 34 counts against Trump. We also know that every Presidents has boxes of certified documents in there basement. If you ever left a job you know you took somethings you probably shouldn’t of.

Our borders need to be locked down and monitored. For the 1000’s of good people coming across to better themselves there are handfuls of bad people coming across. Just remember it only took 18 guys to make 9/11 happen. It’s going to happen again because I believe we are very vulnerable. Drugs are kill more people in a day than guns do in a year.

I wanted to hear more about what these guys are going to do for our safety and economy. Taking away our gun rights for law abiding citizens is not the answer. Let us carry to protect our family and loved ones.

I also want to say One thing about mass shootings. Stop going after the police departments, school guards, video game manufactures and gun manufactures Lets go after the criminals that are doing these crimes. Let make it so bad for the criminals that they stop breaking the law. I am tired of seeing criminals with rap sheets longer than the toilet paper roll. These guys get slaps on the wrist and get released back to do it again. We need to spend money in law enforcement and new jails. I am not worried about being politically correct. Give them a bed a toilet and a sink and some food. Make it so bad they don’t want to come back to jail for those lucky enough to do their time and get out. For those that are lifer’s let them think about that everyday because the person they killed or hurt has to live everyday with that reminder of what they did to them.

These are the things that matter most to me what are you doing for me to assure I can live tomorrow better than I did today. Not what you 2 did for me for the last 4 years.


I agree that both performed poorly…but Trump is at least alive and aware. Still, I’d rather have two candidates who were younger, smarter, and both much more toward the center, patriotic, and be acceptable by nearly all Americans. We can do this if we let go of all of the garbage of the last few (20? 30?) years. And…people should demand no less.


“Will you state now that you will accept the outcome of this election?”

The outcome according to who? The liberal run media?
Since the alphabet soup, democrat controlled media says it’s so, it is?

The outcome of which voters? The American people, or the unvettable, unmonitorable, computer generated, mail in ballot “voters?”

Each and every vote counter needs a person from the left and the right standing right on top of them, watching like a hawk.

Each and every voter needs an I.D. to vote.
Each ballot must have every line verified to be truthful, particularly the I.D. portion.
There are ways to stop voter fraud, do it.

The Peoples vote is all that should count, not the will of a hand full of billionaires who control the media and the vast majority of D.C.


Then mysteriously commits suicide with two to the back of the head.


That’s quite a wish list.


You sound like a conservative. Very rational.


If only we could get that. One can dream


Granted I wasn’t paying all that much attention to the BS fest but I wasn’t being completely facetious. He was actually able to stumble to the platform without falling over, stand there for the entire time without falling over, seemingly remember where he was for the entire time, and make it halfway through a couple of sentences before getting off track. All seemingly without a written script telling him exactly what to say and when to say it.

By Biden standards this was a solid A- performance. By most other standards it was an F. But I was grading on the same curve the left leaning media has been using for the past several years. Why all of a sudden have they decided to stop pretending he is not clearly in significant cognitive decline?

I think the answer is that this is a planned end run around the already flawed primary process. The big money backers likely want to hand pick their own choice without giving the public much time to see all of their new choice’s flaws. They should have realized by now how badly they chose with trying to push Harris through last time around. I think that puts Newsom or their long time favorite, Clinton, into play.

But if they were smart they would choose almost anyone else. Trump still has a chance against any of those three. If the Democrats smarten up and choose a less corrupt choice then Trump becomes the big looser in last nights debate. The problem for the Dems is that Biden isn’t likely to step down on his own. He needs the 4 more years to keep from facing prosecution for all his own crimes.