The best CLP for handguns

Do you ever read the threads? This thread is about CLP; it is not about cleaning products in general.

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There is something to be said for separating out the C, the L, and the P. If you don’t mind taking that little extra time I do believe you absolutely get better results that way vs an all in one, even if the all in one is ‘good enough’

I split the difference and almost always use a CLP to clean, then an oil for lubrication (or some grease and oil both, depending on the firearm). That way if I don’t get oil on a spot for some reason it should still have some lube properties remaining


I read just fine, thanks.

Some of us realize the value of individual products as opposed to the “all in one” products that have recently made their way on to the market.

Stay safe out there Mike.


I agree. Some folks are limited on time so, they may need to go with the “one size fits all” solution for caring for their firearms. And that I understand completely.

That’s the nice thing about this forum. What works for you, may not work for me and vice-versa.

Stay safe out there Nathan.


I just use breakfree clp. I just assume that’s what people mean when they say “CLP” :joy:.


Great assumption. :+1:
That is exactly what the thread should be about.