The .30 Super Carry

Any news about this? So far, only S&W’s POS “Shield” and Hi-Point - of all makers - has guns for it, and Hi-Point’s is a CARBINE. After supposedly 5 years of development, this is a Federal brainchild, filling the niche between the .380 and 9mm with a .312 bullets. Don’t know if it will catch on with the shooting public - I think that you’ll have to wait at least 2-3 years for its full development for guns and ammo. It may eclipse the .380, much like the 7mm-'08 Remington eclipsed the 7x57 Mauser - time will tell, as always.

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Shield is a good gun.

Shield Plus is an even better gun.

I don’t see .30 super carry going very far. If it’s lucky it will get as non-rare as .357 Sig, if it’s unlucky, it will end up like .45 GAP. An answer to a question nobody asked, rare, expensive for what it is, with few gun choices


I don’t see the .30 Super Carry ever coming anywhere close to challenging 9mm in terms of popularity as an EDC round. I think there is a small chance it could compete with .380 since it can fit in similarly tiny sized pistols and seems to have better reliable penetration and expansion potential with JHP ammo.

I’m not sure how the recoil between the .30 super carry and .380 compare?


Why do you decree that the S&W shield is a POS? Just curious.


Cuz it’s not a 1911 descendant. :joy:
Seriously the Mrs loves hers and I don’t mind it. Ford/Chevy I think.


I thought the original model was pretentious, with its Rube Goldberg grip-safety. ALL pistols - even striker-fired - should have an external, positive THUMB-SAFETY - decockers are unnecessary, as well. Aesthetically, I just don’t care for it, and would never recommend it, as well as the flawed Beretta 80X “Cheetah” - look at its rear sight setup - THIS is a $900 gun! It’s as if these makers said, to the shooting public, “Here’s what’s NEW from us, so BUY them, suckers!”

Why should pistols have a manual safety?

Grip safety? You must be thinking of the Shield EZ model. The Shield and Shield Plus don’t have a grip safety.

Look at my recent “ENOUGH, Already!” topic and postings, along with “Where’s Waldo?” in the “Guns & Gear” category - after 40+ years in shooting sports, I’m fed up with all the so-called “improvements” in handguns - decockers, loaded chamber indicators, grip safeties, magazine disconnects and action-locks - basic gun-handling skills ALWAYS override convenience - i.e, YOU should function in place of all these do-dads, gimmicks, and gizmos. A case in point - I wanted to add a “matched” pair of 5" Springfield XD “Tacticals” in .40 and .45 to my “using” collection, and read that they’d come out with a 2nd model, but sure enough - they STILL had those crappy, unnecessary grip safeties, and those loaded chamber indicators cut into and mounted in their slide-tops. Although you should NEVER fully or totally depend on ANY mechanical device that functions as a safety - the LACK of a positive, external, frame-mounted thumb-safety could change a “balls-to-the-wall” situation to a “balls-on-fire” situation in a split-second. Likewise, you should bypass pistols like the XD that compromise the structural integrity of the pistol’s slide, however strong and sturdy the steel or construction may be. When I look at handguns these days, they resemble fishing lures, and fishing lures are designed to catch more fishermen than fish! Gunmakers should concentrate on the functionality, reliability, and accuracy of their products, rather than piling on unnecessary “improvements”. AMEN

Exactly why I don’t like manual safeties. Thumb safeties are an unnecessary do-dad that might prevent you from firing your defensive pistol. JMO

Rule #3 tells us not to put our finger on the trigger until we are preparing to fire. The guys I know who rely on those manual safeties all swear they train to swipe the safety off the moment they draw the pistol from the holster…so there’s no falling back on that do-dad to save them from an ND in a split second situation anyway. Unless they think the safety is on, when it’s not…or think it’s off, when it’s on…then there is a problem.

It’s just an unnecessary variable and another thing that could go wrong. My opinion.

This is where Glocks and similar are so awesome (my Shields also). Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Your user interface consists of a trigger, a mag release, and a slide release. That’s it.

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So did some poking around the internet. In the couple of informal reviews I found where people compared .30 SC to 9mm in similar sized and weighted pistols it seems that the felt recoil is fairly similar. So I would expect .380 to have noticeably lighter recoil compared to the new .30.

This being the case I wouldn’t be all that interested in replacing a pistol like my .380 LCP Max with a similar size and weight .30 SC. The Max in .380 is reasonably controllable for such a tiny package but I definitely feel it after shooting 3 or 4 10 to 12 round mags in a practice session. I wouldn’t want to increase the recoil anymore even for a noticeable jump in performance. Especially now that there are a couple of .380 ammo options that meet or slightly exceed the minimum FBI SD ammo standards.

Guess .30 SC would be for someone who wants to squeeze a couple extra rounds per magazine into a 9mm sized package at the expense of a slight decrease in terminal bullet performance. The .30 SC sounds like it could be a capable SD round but I don’t see a strong enough advantage to switch from the well proven 9mm.


@KURT17 if you have over $4k burning a hole in your pocket you could get one of these:

I see the 30 Super Carry as the answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.


That’s the dumbocraps plan to make firearms useless. Control the weapon if you can’t control the person.

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