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In less than three years after selecting a site in Troy for a firearms manufacturing plant, Kimber Mfg Inc. has announced plans to move its corporate headquarters to Troy Alabama, I’ve never owned a Kimber but it seems like I should add my support for their move and add a few…


William, more is better. Good on Kimber. :+1:


I love my Kimber .45 ultra carry. It is as small as the SIG p-365 XL but thicker, of course. The Kimber Company has been very good with dealing with them. They were very helpful in answering my questions.


I’m a diehard Kimber fan and really glad they moved out of satan’s apartment! Great customer service and they build a great middle of the road product.
I own a Pro Covert w/laser grips, a Pro TLE/RL/SS and my EDC, Ultra Raptor II. All n .45 acp.


And yet another company gets smart & escapes from the land of taxes. Good for them


From Kimber’s press release:
"After an exhaustive search, Troy was chosen for a multitude of reasons including its proximity to top-tier engineering schools as well as gun- and business-friendly support from the city of Troy and the great state of Alabama. "

Link to press release:


“Holding gun manufacturers responsible…” sentiment is like the Sword of Damocles. Kimber is hedging on potential election of the D candidate, and moving their assets out of danger. Good thinking.

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