I HATE big store gun counters…

At the local Bass Pro which happens to have a GREAT inventory of firearms, new and used.

A couple is buying a gun from a young man and my son-in-law, daughter (both firearm experts) and I are looking at the used gun shelf right next to them. I make a comment about the fact that there are 5 REALLY NICE Kimber 1911s on that shelf.

Idiot behind the counter immediately puffs his chest and in his best expert voice said “Our shelves are full of Kimbers because they are jammomatics and won’t feed reliably.” He was mostly addressing the new gun owners he was selling to but made sure he snuck a look at me and was loud enough for us to hear him.

So I walked to him and asked,” How many Kimbers do you own?”.


How many Kimbers have you EVER owned?

Errrrrrrrrrr……. None.

I’ve owned 8 Kimber 1911s and currently own 3. ALL of them flawless firearms.

The problem with Kimbers is that fact that you sell them to folks that have no 1911 knowledge and then in your ignorance you push on them a slew of the crappy cheap magazines you sell here and turn FINE guns into big box turds.

I run nothing but Kimber ProTac mags and Wilson Combat and my Kimbers will feed and cycle empty beer cans if I want them to.

How long do you think a company would be in business selling $1,200 guns that wouldn’t feed??? Please top giving people your useless “knowledge”. You have no clue.

Stood there for few seconds expecting a reply. Nothing…

Freaking idiots…


Kimber is a fine firearm, some people just don’t know that. I just don’t shop big box store. I use a few local stores one been in business for decades an the other been there for a couple years, both know how to do business and give the information you need.


I needed another 870 and a big box store was having a sale. I went to the gun section and there was a guy at the counter buying a gun,he didn’t have a clue about guns and I had to wait at least 20 minutes before he decided not to buy anything. When it was my turn I tell the guy behind the counter let me see that 870,he hands it to me I flip it over, and hand it back to him and said put it in the box, he said you don’t get that one but one from the stock room, I tell him if you want to make a sale put this one in the box or I will leave, he grumbles but gets the box as he is boxing it up he said you knew it was the best looking one didn’t you and I said yup :grin:


Kimber is one of the finest 1911s I ever owned. Never had a problem with it. The only problem I had was trading it for another firearm and some cash. You live and learn but I still regret that trade. Wish I had that Kimber back.


Sounds like the problem wasn’t the big store gun department, but rather with the hired help. If they would take the time to weed out the non-gun enthusiasts from the people that just want a J.O.B., that would solve 99% of the problems.

My only experiences with the big gun-department stores have been positive. It was truly a pleasure to talk with some very knowledgeable people there. Of course, I don’t go to those types of stores often, simply because I live further away from the city.


Its not the one you bought but they made more than one like you had search an you shall find one


Hard to find good help these days


The hiring procedures have changed. There are boxes to be checked, the experience, knowledge and wisdom boxes have been removed. I don’t think anyone that’s been dumbed down by society should ever be behind a gun counter! Employees are a direct reflection of a store’s personality. If you put stupid behind the counter, I can only assume that the person who did the hiring was just as low on the totem pole. Smart people hire smart people.

The person behind the counter doesn’t need to be an enthusiast.
But they must be knowledgeable in their field and check the ego at the door.

All my handguns are Kimber.
Then again, I was born with a 1911 in my hands!


Box 1. Do you have firearms experience?
A. I watched John Wick

Box 2. Can you make us a lot of money?
A. I believe so.

You’re hired!


I like going to box store gun counters and acutally helping people with facts and knowledge. And yes kimbers are great guns.




Welcome aboard sir!


Big Box, Mom and Pop LGS, I get really tired of 22 year old long hairs knowing everything about every gun in the store and on the market.


I like the LGS’s more, they usually have some Estate firearms that I can’t find anywhere in a Big Box store.


I work occasionally at what could be considered a "big box " gun store. I work every so often because I get killer discounts. I’m by no means an expert, but I have shot every firearm we have to rent aside from the glocks(ok, i shot a few, but don’t tell anyone…), and i own a few firearms. If you ask about something i have experience with, I will give you my honest opinion based on said experience. If i don’t have experience with an item, I have no problem telling you I don’t. I can tell you about friends’ experience if i have a friend that owns the item, but im going to tell you it’s not my experience. Im there because I want to be, not because I have to be. Why lie? It’s not the store, it’s the employee. Like every other business on the planet, there’s employees that just don’t care or want to learn… they are there for a paycheck.


@Kevin470 Welcome to the community, and hope you share a lot of knowledge here too!


Sportsmen’s Warehouse , Albuquerque, New Mexico was hiring last year for the Gun Counter Sales.
A whopping $13.00/hr. I wanted to stay home, be local (it was 8 mi. from my house)
I filled out the Paperwork and was introduced to the Manager (I think he was (13)…)
He asked what do you know about gun’s… I took out my XD Elite (FDE man FDE!) dropped the mag, ejected the round from the pipe and locked the slide. The kid said…‘YOU CARRY? You had it on you the whole time?’
I said Yup. He said WE are not 'Allowed to BRANDISH Firearms at work, They need to be stored in your locker IMMEDIATELY befoe you start your shift and you have to give me your 'Clips" to be stored elsewhere.
I said ‘Is that a fact’
Reloaded my firearm and walked out the door. ‘Ijit’


Opie can be the victim cause it ain’t going to be me!

This is what bugs me, you’re working with firearms all day, handing them to customers who could easily have grabbed a magazine off the shelf and loaded it with ammunition in the bathroom ready to pop it in the firearm just handed to them.
But, it’s company policy to be the victim?


My store is gun specific, and we have a range…we have to carry "concealed " if we carry. Policy is you have to have a permit to carry as an employee in store. There’s absolutely no way i would work there if I couldn’t carry.


It’s not a big box store thing, it’s an everywhere thing.

I have never owned a Kimber. But my father in law has. Had to send it back because it wouldn’t feed JHP. Got it back, still wouldn’t (using the mags Kimber supplied). He sold it.

I’m good keeping my experience to that.