Kimber feedbacks

I recently purchased a Kimber pro carry CDP
ll. Took it to the range to break it in. The darn thing shot 4” low and 2” to the left at approx 10yds. It also FTF’s almost everytime on new mag. I’ve sent it back to factory hoping they can resolve the brand new gun issues. Was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues w out of the box Kimbers. I have a 30yr old gold cup that is an absolute tack driver. Was hoping for the same dependability and accuracy.

I have the Kimber crimson ultra carry II, have had it for 6 years, and have had no problems with it right out of the box. Shoots great. When you get back from Kimber, and if it does the same thing, have the sights and the extractor spring tension checked.

Got my Kimber used, in the thread to see how it works out for you. Hope they get it fixed!

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Kimber is known for tight tolerances, so it’s common to experience some issues with it when it new, additionally some other people did report issues similar to yours.
A question: are you right handed?

Thanks for input. The main reason I went Kimber was accuracy reputation. The gun comes w fixed night sights. Don’t want to spend more money on adjustable sights. Defeats the purpose of paying big bucks for a Kimber.

Right handed. And the kimber is tight for sure.

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Full disclosure… I live in Calif so couldn’t have bought another Colt.

Perhaps that’s why you’re shooting low and left. Have someone else try it to see if it’s accurate.


Wish I thought of that at the range. Why would shooting right handed cause the gun to shoot so poorly at 30’? And it was consistent for 200 rounds.

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If you’re a new shooter only; (So no offense)

It’s very common for right handed to shoot left and low, and left handed to shoot right and low, caused by:

  1. Poor trigger control
  2. The way they hold the pistol
  3. Experience

I am not sure about that particular model, but many Kimber’s with “combat sights” are set for a combat hold ( aka lolly-pop hold ) @ 50 yards. It’s a hold-over of the history of the 1911, but many newer guns use a POA=POI at a closer distance.

With respect to being off to the left, have you tried shooting it off a rest?

None taken. Been a 1911 owner and shooter for over 30 yrs. So it’s possible but lord I hope not.


Kimber guarantees something like 2 inch groups at 25 yards. POA POI…factory.

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Oh yeah, didn’t try a rest. Went to range w gun bag and ammo. Really didn’t think I’d need anything else. I was kinda in shock as to how poor it was shooting. Especially after I whipped out my trusty gold cup and shot 2-3 inch groups just as fast as I could get back on target.

Nothing could go wrong with 1911, I myself own a Beretta 92fs for a very long time, God they’re accurate, with small pistols and different trigger pull requires more practice.
I personally carry alternating between Beretta PX4 compact and Smith & wesson M&P shield performance center. They’re different alright.

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I have owned several Kimber’s, going back to 1997. I have not had a single issue with them.

My three officer models were sighted in for 185gr (figured that one out), so 230 would shoot low by several inches at 20 yards. My SA Loaded is the same. My Sig 1911 is spot on with 230gr.

More for the others that may wander in here. Does your Gold Cup have adjustable sights by chance? If so, are they zero’d (meaning centered)? Do you shoot other guns? I have run into individuals, more than once, who had adjustable sights, and rather than fix bad technique, would adjust the sights. Anyone else shooting the gun would be way off. My own teenage son did this, over time, to his XDm 5.25. I only found out because I did some work and then took it out back to shoot it and it was WAYYY off. Took me some time to get his trigger use back in shape… :smiley:

My first a Kimber was the Pro Covert w/Crimson Trace laser sights, every three or four mags I had some issues, the break in period is approximately 300 to 500 rounds, I use Wilson Combat mags, accuracy was never a problem. After buffing the ramp and doing complete cleanings, everything is smooth as butter and now I own many a Kimber’s all for their accuracy and reliability, my EDC is the Ultra Raptor II, out of the box I could put a hole in a hole, had maybe five to ten malfunctions within the first 100 rounds, again after cleaning and some buffing, I count on this weapon to save my life.
I’m also a 1911 baby and occasionally I shoot low left, when hand is fatigued approximately 100 rounds. Unless you’re a expert marksman I wouldn’t count on 2” groups at 25 yards, maybe 3-4”.
I practice two hands, single strong hand and weak hand. In the beginning the weak hand malfunctioned so much, I quit shooting with weak hand until I strengthened it up. I found the grip is the key with a tightly fitted Kimber. It will give you the accuracy to call your shot. Yes it’s still good out to 25 yards.
Kimber is a great company and they will surely assist in any way they can. I don’t work for them, I just trust them.

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That’s good info sir. I only shot 230 grain cause ammo is so hard to find around here and didn’t want to shoot my 185jhp. In hindsight I should have done several things different.
I had adjustable sights put on my gold cup years ago and made slight adjustments to get on target. And honestly maybe the gold cup shoots the 185 grain differently. I always used the less expensive 230 for targets and kept the 185 for home defense. I do shoot other pistols but just the one 1911 colt. Maybe it is my technique or lack there of. I’m looking forward to getting my kimber back (hoping it’s the gun and not me) for another day at the range. But being better prepared. Looking back I’ve made some rookie moves.
I appreciate your input.

Not trying to be condescending, but your 5” all steel Colt with the adjustable sights will be a lot more forgiving of a less than perfect trigger pushing issue (sending rounds low and left) and a soft grip (FTF or FTE) than a light aluminum framed 4” SD gun with fixed sights.

Over the years I’ve owned many Kimbers and there are 4 Kimber 1911s right now in the house including two UltraCarry models. ALL of them have performed flawlessly and are VERY accurate guns that have shot tight cloverleaf clusters to POA from the factory.

You might want someone else to shoot the gun before deciding a factory trip is needed. Of course there is a chance you got a dud, every manufacturer throws one out every once in a while. If that’s the case then Kimber will make it right.

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I have a Kimber Ultra carry .45 and its been used. I bought four new magazines and found that the new ones would lock up in the magazine from the pressure applied to them. The older ones work great.
As for the shooting low, if you are lining up the top of your sights in the center mass you will be shooting low. The dot on the front sight is the location of the zero on the gun. If you want to continue to use the top alignment of your sights place them at the top of the center mass instead of in the center. Some guns are set up that way.

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