Thank Goodness FBI is watching terrorist,... Watch them shot, Watch them Stab, Watch them Bomb, Watch them Run over people,

Watching and watching and watching and watching …


And seemingly planning or assisting with plans as documented in a court case involving the attack in Garland, Texas in 2015. A recent Ammoland story highlighted the officer that thwarted the attack and had the above link in it.


Be careful what you are wishing for. You do realize that being a gun owner, on a gun forum, you are very likely a terrorist according to the current wishes of the administration?

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Believing or saying someone is a terrorist is not the same as being a terrorist. Tired of being threatened by the overlord.


Hey Anthony,

the government is watching suspected terrorists…and while a handful do go out and commit heinous crimes, most are stopped. The government deploys a few technologies to help in this endeavor including social media sniffers which search the internet for any potential threat that requires further investigation (i.e. kids threatening schools, threats to politicians, threats to public places, etc) and other methods. Consider this, there’s 328 million people in this country and only around 30,000 FBI, 30,000 NSA employees, and maybe around 18,000 federal, state, county, and local law enforcement officers/agents currently in the USA. So, excluding the other agencies and groups and not counting all the other responsibilities they have on a daily basis…let’s say all 78,000 are “watching” for bad guys…each person has to watch over 4,205 people. How successful would you be to walk into a sports stadium and keep your eye on 4,205 people and prevent one of them from committing a mass murder?

Honestly…try using that space between your ears to consider the challenge rather than post stupid memes meant to demean people who I personally know are busting their butts to stop threats coming at us every day. They need more help, not abuse from the peanut gallery.

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Especially if you are a conservative. Marxists can’t handle the truth.


Agent $100+k/yr salaries with very liberal pensions and benefits, Qualified Immunity, $100 BILLION dollar budgets, sophisticated technology, FISA Court warrants and this is the best one. Out of the 4,205 people I’d be watching,… 10 pledge alliance to ISIS, 4 frequent Mosques promoting death to Americans, Israel,… etc. And are STILL IGNORED!!
That space between my ears is used quite well,… How’s yours?


Answer me this, at what point can law enforcement make an arrest? Doesn’t there need to be a Credible Threat or for that person to break a law in order for any person to be arrested and taken into custody? Doesn’t really matter if they’re visiting or citizens, there has to be a credible threat or a law broken! Police, FBI and really any law enforcement officer/agent can’t go around arresting people without at least one of those being true.

I’m pointing this out to you is because you seem to be overlooking those pesky 4th & 14th Amendments. You also don’t seem to care about the 1st amendment when it doesn’t apply to you. Truth is, you’re so enraged that you’re ok stripping rights from people you deem shouldn’t have them and locking them up…basically you sound like a democrat. Here’s the problem, we do have a constitution and it awards EVERYONE in this country the same rights. I get it…a person who hangs out with known terror groups, belongs to an anti America group, and states on social media how they hate this country and they wish we all died isn’t a person I’d opt to hang out with. However, feelings aside…they still have the same rights protecting them as you and I have protecting us. While you may be ok with stripping their rights because it suits you…I’m not because there’d be nothing stopping dems like you to strip my rights away if they don’t agree with my views. I’m a constitutionalist and as such I’m here to explain…your feelings don’t matter…our constitution does. While it may also protect revolting trash at times…it also protects all of us and that’s more important than your feelings.

One last note…what does a person’s salary matter? I thought that was a remarkably stupid comment. As if someone who makes a larger salary is expected to do more than the analyst making half that amount? How naïve.

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My mom pleaded with me not to work for the CIA. I would not have been an operative, just an analyst. But to calm her down I switched gears. Went another direction doing basically the same thing.

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And it just keeps happening,… Over and over and over and over again!!

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I remember that incident well,… once the Actors were ‘better defined’,… Media dropped that attempted Mass shooting like a Clinton sex scandal!!

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Yet somehow despite that horrendous shortage of personnel, the FBI was still able to dispatch 15 agents to investigate a garage door pull solely because the victim’s political allegiance was to the radical left.


hahaha, wow. You strike me as a perfect example of a detractor. Here’s the bottom line buckwheat, if you can’t recognize (not justify, just recognize) why, as you put it, 15 FBI personnel were forced to investigate some waste of time, then you most certainly are naïve as a child. I understand someone was pulling the strings and those poor agents were pulled from something more important to play politics which was a crying shame, but you go ahead and play that card buttercup and have a nice angry life.

I saw no anger in his post. I believe the point was not in the why it was investigated, but did it actually require that large a number of agents to investigate that matter? Firstly, as the rope had been there since at least October of the previous year, and that black driver did not use, nor was expected to use, that garage, it clearly was not an overtly racist piece of rope. Though the driver’s reaction does raise another question. Does this driver believe he has been the target of racism by anyone in NASCAR? If not, why would he assume that the door pull was overtly racist? As he got NASCAR to ban the Confederate Flag imagery, it would seem that he has a chip on his shoulder, not NASCAR being a racist organization.

I never even heard about this, nor of that driver, but then I don’t follow NASCAR. The picture at the top of this story about this incident I found quite amusing. The guy is wearing a mask and a t-shirt stating “I can’t breathe”. Until reading the story, as the man in the photo does not even look black to me, I did not realize the story was even about a black man, even his name “Bubba Wallace” doesn’t allude to that. As a wealthy race car driver, it seems he’s got other, bigger, issues if he feels oppressed. If that is oppression, please give me several or more million dollars to drive a car so I see what that feels like.

I don’t recall any racist references to a noose in my youth. In my youth, a noose was not a racist object - I still don’t believe that it is. I recall in my youth, friends idly tying knots, and occasionally fashioning a noose. As many of us were children of baymen, knot-tying was a necessary skill, and it was also a boy scout skill, though not the noose. To me, a noose just related to executing a criminal, though by the time I was born, people were not being hanged in my state. I also recall the childhood game of hangman, I don’t believe that has racist roots, but who knows what someone looking to stir the race pot will think of next.

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The Race-baiting crowd and their angst to create possible riots and violence, should always be threaded upon lightly.


Some of you guys need to check yourself. That means to do some introspection. Just saying. What I mean is rethink what you post regarding these political race subjects. I get it but it’s not like everyone on here is white conservatives. Not all conservatives are right wing -most aren’t.


You’re right,… not ALL Conservatives are ‘Right-wing’,… or White.

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Dave…you can’t keep allowing ignorance to go unchallenged. This entire post I’ve been defending law enforcement because they are understaffed and have a daunting task ahead of them. I recognize that while they are trying to do their job, sometimes their leaders have to play politics and pull officers/agents away from their job to play politics and public relations…like this case phil brought up. To imply that the FBI has the time to send agents to investigate that waste of time is erroneous. Yet the officers/agents still get pulled away to investigate because as I pointed out…sometimes their leadership chooses to play politics rather than stay focused on the jobs they should be. Phil was being a detractor by its very definition.

As for your point that the nascar driver seemed to have a chip on his shoulder…I couldn’t agree more. If you go through life with a chip on your shoulder, you’re making yourself miserable and you’re the only one to blame.
The noose isn’t racist. It was, and is, used for executions. The saddest truth we all get to deal with today is that too many groups want to be coddled. They want others to recognize them as being victims so they get special treatment. I raised all my kids with the same simple truth, “YOU are responsible for your happiness!” That driver doesn’t seem to want to be happy.

Which is what Phil alluded to when he stated “dispatch 15 agents to investigate a garage door pull solely because the victim’s political allegiance was to the radical left.”