Why You Don’t Run Your Mouth Online

I’m sure most of us have seen this already. Maybe it was already discussed here. If that was the case, I missed it and apologize.

On the part of the agents involved, was everything on the up and up? Probably not. Seriously, no body cams? How do we know he really pulled a gun on them (though that does seem likely)?

Regardless, what I took away from this is that if the man hadn’t run his mouth online constantly, the FBI wouldn’t have visited him in the first place. They probably knew he was severely overweight and harmless, but he did threaten to snipe a sitting president, which made him a potential threat. Standard procedure is to investigate all potential threats before the president comes to the area. If he hadn’t made this threat, it’s likely there wouldn’t have been a raid, and he would still be alive.

“Think before you speak” — every mother ever. Good advice for when you’re a kid and an adult.


Yeah…threatening something like that for the sitting POTUS…let alone when that person will actually be in your area…nothing good will ever come of that. Kind of an example of mess around and find out

I’d like to question the assertion that he is “harmless”, though…I think we have a lot of people who could attest that even a person who is overweight isn’t harmless…that’s one of the great benefits of firearms. They are a great equalizer


Yep! It is so easy to see how this happened in this contentious political atmosphere!


Yeah! As you know I’ve run my mouth out of frustration as well.
Never threatening.
However, lately I find there’s nothing left to argue about. It’s over.
Now I’m just saddened. My oath and time spent in service to this country meant nothing! The illusion of control has dissipated.
We have no representation and no recourse. We’re on our own!

I think we have to take into consideration, what was the alphabet industry doing listening and monitoring our ideas, thoughts and speech online, without warrants! I get the threat part.
Obviously Snowden was right and so was Trump! About everything.

As far as that poor man’s weight, I understand it. He gave up.


I live around where this happened. After this happened we learned this guy was a Jekyll & Hyde. He’d go to church and be all happy and helpful, involved in youth activities served in the Bishopric (That’s the leadership squad on the local level at a Mormon Church). There are also reports, supported by body cam of where he pointed a gun at some utility workers in his yard, when the police showed up he answered the door with a gun in his hand and played the “I don’t have to put it down, I can carry a gun in my own house” game with them. So yea there are ALWAYS 2 or 3 or 4 or … sides to the story.


That certainly lends a ton of credibility to the FBI claims that he pointed a gun at them


Yet this is acceptable?

D-lister Kathy Griffin, well, it seems she got her wish.
I don’t see SWAT teams shooting at them.

There’s something really wrong here.

Her words mimicked those of the Utah man! He dreamed, she’s thought, a lot… Someone want to explain the difference?


I don’t interpret that video as an actual threat or actual intention of doing that.

She says she knows it won’t change anything and she chooses love (IE does not choose the blow up option)

That doesn’t seem the same as saying you will snipe/shoot/kill the active POTUS, then POTUS travels to near you, and then likely you point a gun at the FBI when they show up (don’t do that)


I can only conclude, suicide by cop. No one in their right mind would ever think of pointing a firearm at law enforcement!


“Yeah! As you know I’ve run my mouth out of frustration as well.
Never threatening.
However, lately I find there’s nothing left to argue about. It’s over.
Now I’m just saddened. My oath and time spent in service to this country meant nothing! The illusion of control has dissipated.
We have no representation and no recourse. We’re on our own!”

I understand your and everybody else’s frustration. I AM there myself, It’s starting to be a big game though and I still want to pass GO a few more times and collect my $200 just to see how it all turns out!
These ‘people’ in power keep pushing and pushing though and they don’t accept the karma of their actions. Did you ever have a Balsa Wood glider as a kid? The kit came w/ wood fuselage, Tail, wings and a prop and rubber bands (some had wheels and a piece of wire for landing gear that never worked for me). If your air force survived long enough I always wanted to push the envelope more and more to get that little Bit–! Higher and fly father. I wound that prop up too much and usually snapped that rubber band before the wings fell off!. That analogy for me is what is happening today.
Old Puddin’ FINALLY went to Maui Wowee the other day and was greeted by raised middle fingers and the standing I Love You chant of ‘Phuck u Bidet!’ Citizens are dying by their actions daily now. And they don’t care. He’s on more vacation time then he’s sleeping in the Hell House. It’s a FARCE! And if some ‘entity’ kills Trump, i won’t even be surprised. They have no Morals or Integrity. they are off the rails, ALL OF THEM!. So it’s NO surprise that this poor schmoo got dead in UTAH by sayin’ stoopid stuff online.
He didn’t deserve it, He probably reached his limit and capacity to deal anymore.
But reality is Fat or not, Using a wheel chair or walker IT ONLY TAKES (5 lbs) of pressure (usually) to pull a trigger. And he died for that. SHAME on the killer elite Alphabets and their handlers.
Don’t talk the talk if you can’t back it up, or aren’t prepared for the Blowback.


I’ve already posted about this but I’ll say it again. I’m not arguing here but the man was 75 years old and partially disabled. He probably had hemorrhoids or some other chronic ailment. I’m 15 years his junior and I have my off-days when I feel negative and grumpy. What I’m saying is - dammit - they didn’t have to SWAT his ass. Arrest him. Throw him in the pokey. Whatever. But don’t go kill him. That is just wrong. There are thousands maybe millions of people who do stupid, insane things. They are never killed for it.


For further evidence of just how screwed up this administration has become, I saw on the news this morning that the Justice Department is suing Elon Musk and SpaceX for NOT hiring illegal aliens, or Migrants, as they put it. Yep, now we HAVE to hire them.

Now, I have a friend locally who owns a fairly large construction company with a couple hundred employees. He’s fighting a huge fine because one of his guys (a roofer) used a fake SSI number, but was actually illegal, and my friend didn’t catch it, and now he’s facing big fines for hiring an illegal immigrant. On the other hand, a major contractor for the US Air Force and NASA is being sued for hiring only US citizens and legal, permanent residents. I’m terribly confused. How is an employer supposed to tell the difference between an illegal he’s not allowed to hire, and one he is SUPPOSED to hire (and how many migrants are really qualified to work on the worlds most advanced rockets, anyway??) Then again, qualification doesn’t really matter to the feds, just the right DEI numbers.


What a waste, like applying a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


Brother, you made good points.
nobody is saying different.
But YOU CAN’T Threaten/Send Mean Tweets against this Commander-in-Thief
ESPECIALLY if he is visiting your neck-of-the-woods anytime soon. Post pictures w/ a rifle
in a Damn ‘Gillie’ suit ! In the world we live in you better make sure your WILL is current and
your Affairs’ are in order, Lord knows what really happened when they came-a-calling for a sit down and tea, but being dead he can tell no tales. You can say A LOT on the net and not expect a Knock.
But as the thread say’s " Why you don’t run your mouth online" be prepared for that knock
or just shut the hell up. A fire team shows up @ your door they are not there for the Earl grey!
These people have no sense of humor.
Just ask the people of Lahaina, Maui, West Palestine, Ohio, Ruby Ridge, Waco…
Just sayin’


Don’t stress this Nightmare Brother.
Besides the fact that it’s “Rules for thee and not for me”.
They are NOT using a Playbook most of us have been brought up on anymore.
They are making all this stress and distraction, deception and subterfuge to keep
us all off balance and not focused on the shenanigan’s of the pudding in the bowl!.
That’s how you have to complain now (and even then…)
This is GESTAPO 101 and it will only get worse. they had a Master racer to steal all this from.
If this all made sense we would know how to combat this…


Thanks brother Don!

When I read that story about SpaceX being sued to hire undocumented migrants, it really made me question what was going on. Here we have an American company, developing what I think everyone would agree is the most advanced rocket technology in the world, technology which someone like Xi Jinping would publicly mess his pants to get his hands on, and we have a government trying to force said American company to hire foreign migrants, with no ties to the US, and God Knows What background or ability to steal and send that technology to hostile foreign countries.

What could possibly go wrong…? It’s all good, right?


Exactly my brother,
you have your finger on the pulse of the current situation now.
The question in every cop, Alphabet, .gov, Investigator is always
"Who benefits?’
‘What is their objective’
Mini me’s future involvement…he needs ready (untaxed cash now right?)
Screw with US some more, take our leg’s out from under us, unsettle us.
Destabilize the economy, break the people’s will, have us fighting against each other.
It’s Evil, systemic and Brutal. What’s their MAIN OBJECTIVE when the nuclear dust settles?
Anyone who speaks out gets dead! indicted! marginalized, cancelled…

"Oh happy day’s! Happ-Happ-happy day’s!
Click-Clack! Say’s the rack attack! Watch your back!


I think arresting him is what they tried to do.

But, he pointed a gun at them. Don’t point a gun at police when they come to arrest you because you explicitly threatened to kill the president of the United States…when he was going to be visiting your area, no less!


I’m not even sure they were trying to do that. If I remember correctly, one article I read said they were trying to serve a search warrant, not an arrest warrant. Probably trying to see if the guy actually had the means to carry out his threats.

By the way, many people are upset over this, at least in part because the FBI was involved. I have several relatives in LE, and if this had been the local sheriff’s office instead of the FBI, the results would likely have been the same. Under no circumstances would only one or two officers show up to the house of someone making active threats with multiple rifles. They would have sent a SWAT team as well. That response would have been standard practice across all LE agencies.